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Directions Builder – How to remove?

Browser Hijacker

What is Directions Builder?

Directions Builder is a browser hijacker that is advertised as a tool that will help you plan your journey easier. Developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc, this application will hijack your browser and make unwanted changes. Since it is a legitimate toolbar, it is available for download from the official web page but as a lot of Mindspark products, DirectionsBuilder can also infect your computer via software bundles, without you noticing. It is not going to harm your computer as it is not a virus but you should be cautious, nevertheless. Browser hijackers can sometimes expose users to unreliable content, which could lead to a malware infection on your computer. It is up to you if you wish to keep this toolbar on your computer but we recommend you remove DirectionsBuilder from your system. Continue reading

Ramsomeer Removal


What is Ramsomeer?

Ramsomeer is a ransomware type of virus that can encrypt your files. It enters your computer via spam email attachments as users still carelessly open attachments, despite many warnings not to. All you have to do is click on the attachment and it downloads onto your computer. It can then encrypt your files. When the encryption is complete, you are asked to pay money in order to restore the files. We never suggest paying and must warn you that very rarely does paying lead to file decryption. Oftentimes, ransomware developers just take your money and not give you anything in return. If you do not want to lose your money, we suggest you delete Ramsomeer. If you had backup prior to infection, you can restore the files after you remove Ramsomeer. Continue reading

CryptoLockerEU Removal


What is CryptoLockerEU?

CryptoLockerEU is a ransomware infection used by cyber crooks to make easy profit off of computer users. The threat is an updated version of CryptoLocker. It spreads on the Internet through fake ads, malign email attachments, corrupted links, and so on. The parasite encodes the files that you store on your PC and uses them as a reason to demand that you pay a ransom fee. Unfortunately, doing so does not guarantee that you will have your data fixed. What you should do instead of risking your money is get rid of CryptoLockerEU and try other file decryption methods. Continue reading Removal

Browser Hijacker

About pop-ups are flooding your screen because adware might possibly be installed onto your computer. Adware is a potentially unwanted program that makes advertisements to generate pay-per-click income. It is not malicious or harmful by itself but it can expose you to unreliable content, which in turn could expose you to malware. So while is not dangerous itself, the ads that it shows you, might be. Adware can get into your computer if you are not careful when you install free software. It must have been attached to freeware and because you missed it, it was granted permission to install automatically. will frustrate you with non-stop pop-ups and other ads and that will last until you delete from your computer, which you are probably eager to do anyway. As soon as you uninstall, you can return to usual browsing. Continue reading

HakunaMatata Removal


What is HakunaMatata?

HakunaMatata is a new ransomware type of virus that encrypts your files. With a name inspired by the famous Lion King, HakunaMatata uses the typical distributions methods, which are spam emails, fake downloads and exploit kits. There is nothing unusual about HakunaMatata and it does not have any distinct features that would set it apart from hundreds of other ransomware. It enters your computer, encrypts your files and then demands that you pay to get them back. Continue reading – How to remove?

Browser Hijacker

What is is a browser hijacker that will alter your browser’s settings without your permission. It is completely identical to many other hijackers, including, and It will not harm your computer as it is not a malicious computer virus. However, that does not mean it will not do anything. As soon as it installs onto your computer, it will change the settings of your browser and try to convince you that it is a reliable search engine. If you are wondering how it managed to install onto your computer, we can say that you probably allowed it to install yourself. It was bundled together with free software and when you installed it, you did not notice attached. If it has indeed hijacked your computer, we suggest you uninstall as quickly as possible. Continue reading