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How to remove

Browser Hijacker

What is is a domain which contains a fake Internet search engine. It looks quite trustworthy when you look at it for the first time, but, luckily, specialists are not so easy to fool. They have immediately understood that this search tool is a part of a browser hijacker infection and, as a consequence, cannot be trusted. In fact, they suggest going to implement the removal the moment it shows up on browsers. Continue reading


Browser Hijacker

About redirects are disrupting your browsing sessions because you have adware installed on your computer.  You must have obtained the adware unknowingly when you installed free software. Freeware is how adware spreads, it is attached to it as an additional item. Adware is not a malicious virus and generally aims to make income by exposing you to ads. Continue reading

Remove DailyProductivityTools Toolbar


What is DailyProductivityTools Toolbar?

DailyProductivityTools is advertised as a toolbar that provides numerous useful features but is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). The company behind this PUP, Mindspark Interactive Network, is known to have produced numerous browser hijackers and this is no different. You may not remember obtaining it which means it must have entered your computer along with free software. Continue reading – How to remove?

Browser Hijacker

What is is a browser hijacker that entered your computer along with free software. It aims to generate pay-per-click revenue for sponsored pages so you will be constantly redirected to advertisements. It is not malicious so there is no need to worry about it harming your computer. It will, however, make unwanted changes to your browser and prevent you from undoing those changes. Continue reading


Browser Hijacker

What is is an untrustworthy website that you may get rerouted to because of the ad-supported program installed on your computer. Adware usually affects all popular web browsers by inserting advertisements into all sites that the user opens. By employing the pay-per-click system, the developers of the unreliable apps make profit. As there is nothing beneficial about it for users, we suggest not to waste any time on it and uninstall the app as soon as possible. That is also the only way to terminate redirects for good. Continue reading

PC Health Aid Removal


What is PC Health Aid?

PC Health Aid is a potentially unwanted program despite the fact that it presents itself as a useful PC optimization tool that can boost the speed of the computer and fix all kinds of computer issues. Users, unfortunately, believe the program description they find on the official source of this application, and thus decide to install it on their computers. Continue reading