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Browser Hijacker

About adware might have infected your computer if you are seeing pop-ups with this URL. Adware is not a malicious virus so there is no need to worry about file loss or it damaging your computer if you delete as soon as possible. It must have gotten into your computer when you installed free software and did not pay enough attention to how you did it. Adware is usually attached to free software and it can install without you even noticing. While adware is not malicious by itself, the pop-ups could still harm your computer if you are not careful. You could end up on a malicious website and end up with malware if you are not careful. We strongly suggest you do not delay this and remove Continue reading

Remove redirect virus

Browser Hijacker

What is redirect virus? redirects are caused by an adware application that is installed onto your computer. It must have entered your computer along with some free software you were installing. What it will do is redirect you to weird web pages via pop-ups. The pop-up will suddenly appear on your screen when you press anywhere and they will keep appearing all the time unless you delete redirect virus from your computer. It should be noted that redirect virus is not malicious and it will not harm your computer directly. However, adware can sometimes expose users to possibly dangerous content. You might be tricked into installing some sort of malware onto your computer and might not even realize until it’s too late. We suggest you take the time to uninstall redirect virus as soon as possible. Continue reading

Kaandsona Removal


What is Kaandsona?

Kaandsona is a ransomware type of virus that has been discovered by malware researchers recently. Some users believe Kaandsona to be of Estonia origin due to the name, although being able to identify the hackers if highly unlikely. Just like most ransomware, it employs spam email to distribute its maliciousness. Nothing new in this department. Once ransomware gets on your computer, it encrypts your files and then demands that you pay to get them back. However, some security researchers explain that Kaandsona crashes before it can do any damage. Continue reading

Remove Search Query Router

Browser Hijacker

What is Search Query Router?

Search Query Router is a browser hijacker that enters your computer via software bundles. It is not malicious in the sense that it will not directly harm your computer, as that is not its intention. However, what it will do is, it will alter your browser’s settings and possibly attempt to redirect you to sponsored websites. Most browser hijackers exists for the purpose of generating traffic and making pay-per-click revenue for sponsored web pages. While not necessarily the case with all infections, browser hijackers can sometimes lead users to dangerous, possibly malicious web pages. If this were to happen to you, you could end up with a serious malware infection on your hands. We strongly suggest you delete Search Query Router. Continue reading

Remove Secure Search Bar

Browser Hijacker

What is Secure Search Bar?

Secure Search Bar is a browser extension that has been causing a lot of frustration for many users. It adds a supposedly “secure” search bar into your browser and hijacks your searches, forcing you to use the unreliable Secure Search Bar. It provided users with unreliable search results and generates advertisements. It spreads via software bundles and can very easily infect users who do not pay enough attention to installations processes. Many users struggle with trying to delete Secure Search Bar as many anti-malware software fails to detect this issue. Those with little experience with computers are stuck with this irritating extension and have no idea how to remove Secure Search Bar. In the last part of this article, we will provide a guide to help you remove Secure Search Bar. Continue reading

Remove prof2you


What is prof2you?

prof2you is the name of the folder that will appear on your computer if your browser has been infected with the browser hijacker. Users get infected with browser hijackers via software bundles because they carelessly rush through the installation processes without paying attention. You will be glad to know, however, that browser hijackers are not malicious computer viruses. They do not pose danger to your computer directly as that is not their purpose. However, they make unwanted changes to your browsers and attempt to redirect you to sponsored web pages in order to generate traffic. It should also be mentioned that browser hijackers can lead users to unreliable websites where malware could be obtained accidentally. In order to delete prof2you, you need to get rid of the browser hijacker. Continue reading