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Browser Hijacker

What is is a browser hijacker that has infected your browser and is appearing every time you open it. It is not a malicious computer application and merely aims to generate income by redirecting you. You must have picked it up when you installed free software and did not notice that was attached. If the hijacker goes unnoticed, it is allowed to install. Continue reading Removal

Browser Hijacker

What is is a browser hijackers that aims to generate income by redirecting you to sponsored pages. It is not a malicious infection but it still behaves questionably. For one, it entered your computer without your permission. Do not be surprised if you suddenly find it on your browser and have no recollection of installing it. Continue reading

Remove StartPageing123 Virus

Browser Hijacker

What is StartPageing123 Virus?

StartPageing123 Virus is a dubious search engine, classified as a browser hijacker. StartPageing123 Virus looks entirely legitimate for those who have never encountered hijackers before, but it is rather questionable. First of all, it used a deceptive method to enter your computer. You might be surprised to know that it needs your permission to enter your computer and you might not even realize you gave it. Continue reading

Remove Unlock this Page to Continue


About Unlock this Page to Continue

Unlock this Page to Continue is a screen locker type of virus. It could have entered your computer via malicious sites and exploit kits. It is very easy to get infected because all it takes is entering the wrong page and the virus downloads onto your computer. If you do indeed have this malware, your screen will be locked and you will be asked to complete a survey in order to unlock it. Continue reading

Remove SuperCouponPro Toolbar


What is SuperCouponPro Toolbar?

SuperCouponPro Toolbar is a browser plugin developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. As the information on its official website tells us, users could “get free printable coupons from popular sites” if they install this application. Of course, there are some people who decide to download and install this application voluntarily. Continue reading

Remove Eorezo


About Eorezo

Eorezo is a potentially unwanted program that falls into the adware category. It is not a malicious computer virus thus cannot enter your computer by itself. You either knowingly installed it, or it entered your computer along with free software. In the case of the latter, Eorezo was attached to free software and was set to install alongside it. In order to prevent such unwanted items from installing, you need to notice them first. And many users do not. It aims to expose you to as many ads as possible because that is how it makes income. Adware generates all kinds of ads and they might not always be safe. You could easily be taken to malicious pages where you might obtain malware. In general, adware does act in a beneficial way and only disrupts your browsing. We suggest you remove Eorezo. Continue reading