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Browser Hijacker

About this adware pop-ups and redirects could be caused by an adware program installed on your computer. Users usually do not notice when the infection takes place because adware can enter silently. It is usually attached to free software as an extra offer and if you do not deselect it, it will be allowed to install alongside. If you wish to prevent installation, you need to pay attention to how you install freeware. Continue reading

How to Remove LaunchPage from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Browser Hijacker

What is LaunchPage?

LaunchPage is an untrustworthy search tool known as a browser hijacker. In some cases, it is also called a redirect virus. It is not a harmful infection, but specialists still know several reasons why LaunchPage should not be kept on browsers. According to them, its presence might result in the successful infiltration of malicious software. Second, issues related to privacy might arise too. This might happen very quickly, so the sooner you uninstall LaunchPage from browsers, the higher is the possibility that you could avoid all kinds of problems. Continue reading

How to Remove from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Browser Hijacker

What is is a website promoted as a legitimate search tool, but the truth is that it is not trustworthy at all, and, instead, is better known as a browser hijacker because it changes browsers’ settings illegally. Settings of all your browsers will be altered if this browser hijacker ever enter successfully your system, so you will quickly notice that something has changed. Continue reading

What is

Browser Hijacker

About this threat is a browser hijacker, identical to many others that have been appearing recently. It is very easy to get infected but it’s relatively obvious when you have it, which means you can deal with it quicker. They spread using free software bundles and are attached to freeware as extra offers that you can choose to install if you want. However, if you want that choice, you first need to be aware of them being there. Most users miss them, which is how they end up the hijackers. They are not malicious themselves but aim to redirect you to sponsored sites so that it could generate pay-per-click revenue. While not dangerous themselves, hijackers could lead users to malicious content and that could result in a serious infection. We strongly suggest you take action now and remove Continue reading