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Remove Redirect

Browser Hijacker

What can be said about this hijacker? is a browser hijacker, promoting a dubious search engine. Browser hijackers are not reliable and should be terminated as soon as the infection is noticed. That being said, they’re not high-level infections and are not very serious. They are annoying, however. They alter browser’s settings, set weird sites as your homepages and then try to redirect you to sponsored sites. Did we mention that they are completely useless to you? They exists to generate income by redirecting you and you will gain nothing from this. While hijackers are not malicious, some are able to lead users to weird, even malicious sites and that could lead to a more serious infection. If you want to avoid these kinds of issues in the future, you need to learn how to properly install free software. And in the meantime, delete Continue reading

Remove Jisuzip virus


What is Jisuzip virus?

Jisuzip virus is, technically, not a virus. Instead, it is an advertising-supported application which illegally enters computers and then starts performing all kinds of activities. Of course, the main activity of Jisuzip virus is displaying commercial advertisements in a variety of forms. These advertisements might show up on your screen as pop-ups, banners, in-text, and other types of commercial advertisements. Continue reading

Remove MyMapsWizard Toolbar


What is MyMapsWizard Toolbar?

MyMapsWizard Toolbar is classified as a potentially unwanted application due to its distribution method and some of the actions that it takes once inside the system. It is promoted as an app that can provide users with maps and driving directions. It belongs to Mindspark Interactive Network, a company that created lots of similar programs to earn revenue by employing the pay-per-click system. Computer users do not benefit from this type of software, instead, they have to deal with never-ending ads, redirects, and other interruptions. That is why we suggest that you uninstall MyMapsWizard Toolbar from your PC. Continue reading

How to remove

Browser Hijacker

About this hijacker is a dubious website, promoted by a browser hijacker. If you constantly get redirected to to a weird site when you open your browser and get intrusive advertisements more often, you definitely have a hijacker infection on your hands. It’s not as serious as it might sound, despite what many misleading websites might tell you. It’s a low-level threat that will not directly harm your computer. Continue reading

Remove Search

Browser Hijacker

About this threat

SrchSafe Search is a browser hijacker, advertised as a privacy enhanced search engine. You might not remember installing it and that would not be uncommon. Browser hijackers are known to enter using free software bundles, which means they sneak past you when you install freeware. You do not need to worry too much if you notice it loading when you open your browser. Hijackers are not malicious. Continue reading


Browser Hijacker

What is is a browser hijacker spread as a legitimate search provider, so when a browser hijacker enters a user’s computer, he/she notices new settings applied. To be more specific, users find a new URL set as a homepage and default search engine. This search tool might look quite legitimate at first sight because it acts like ordinary search tools do, i.e. it shows search results when a search query is entered. Continue reading