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Browser Hijacker

What can be said about this hijacker? is a browser hijacker, promoting a dubious search engine. Browser hijackers are not reliable and should be terminated as soon as the infection is noticed. That being said, they’re not high-level infections and are not very serious. They are annoying, however. They alter browser’s settings, set weird sites as your homepages and then try to redirect you to sponsored sites. Did we mention that they are completely useless to you? They exists to generate income by redirecting you and you will gain nothing from this. While hijackers are not malicious, some are able to lead users to weird, even malicious sites and that could lead to a more serious infection. If you want to avoid these kinds of issues in the future, you need to learn how to properly install free software. And in the meantime, delete Continue reading


Browser Hijacker

What is is another browser hijacker pretending to be a reputable search engine. It is spread bundled with other programs so that it could secretly enter computers; however, it does not try to hide its presence on systems. After getting onto computers successfully, it immediately changes all web browsers’ settings. Continue reading

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Browser Hijacker

About this adware pop-ups and redirects are caused by an ad-supported program installed on your computer. It’s more commonly known as adware. Adware is not a serious computer threat and generally does not harm your computer directly. However, it’s far from harmless. The adware will generate adverts and bombard you with them. You clicking on those ads helps the adware generate pay-per-click revenue. Continue reading

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Browser Hijacker

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If domain with advertisements is opened for you automatically from time to time, this is a sign that an untrustworthy application is installed on your computer. Of course, you could have opened a website serving these commercials yourself too, but it is not very likely that it is the case, especially if these ads keep showing up on your screen even after you close the opened suspicious website. Continue reading