The times when Apple product users were safe from malware are passing. While Apple devices are safer because of their inbuilt security, they are not immune. And as the number of Mac malware increases, so will the one for iPhones. Apple users are given a false sense of security and that could lead to some serious consequences. Even if it’s more difficult to infect a Apple products, if users act carelessly, press on every suspicious link they encounter, they will eventually end up in trouble.

Iphone virus

How to avoid infecting your iPhone?

If you want to avoid putting your iPhone in unnecessary danger, stick to safe websites and avoid clicking on weird links or ads, especially when on questionable websites. Be especially vary to not fall for bogus malware alerts or tech-support scams. They are quite common and appear as pop-ups or redirects. No matter how convincing the ads may appear to be, your browser will never warn you about infections because it’s not capable of detecting one. And the biggest sign that it’s not real is the provided phone number. Apple will never ask you to call them, and particularly not via your browser.

Iphone virus removal

Perhaps one of the most well-known iPhone malware was the Pegasus spyware. Developed by Israeli cyberarms company, NSO Group, the spyware was spying on certain people and could access plenty of private information. And infection happened precisely by clicking on a weird link. It sent out text messages containing web links to targets, and if the person clicked on the link, he/she would be taken to the site that would download the spyware. It did not show obvious signs of infections, which made it very difficult to detect. Never press on links you receive by message, messaging apps, email, etc., unless you were expecting it or can confirm it’s safe. More info about Pegasus removal.

How does one delete an IPhone virus?

iPhones currently do not allow malware removal programs to be installed, so if you suspect your device is infected, you would need to carry out a full factory reset. It’s not difficult to do but it would erase all data on your device.

Settings -> General -> Erase All Contents.

You can remove MAC automatically with a help of one of these programs: Mackeeper or Malwarebytes Anti Malware. We recommend these applications because they can easily delete potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

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