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HakunaMatata Removal


What is HakunaMatata?

HakunaMatata is a new ransomware type of virus that encrypts your files. With a name inspired by the famous Lion King, HakunaMatata uses the typical distributions methods, which are spam emails, fake downloads and exploit kits. There is nothing unusual about HakunaMatata and it does not have any distinct features that would set it apart from hundreds of other ransomware. It enters your computer, encrypts your files and then demands that you pay to get them back. Continue reading

Remove CryptoSweetTooth


What is CryptoSweetTooth?

CryptoSweetTooth is a ransomware type of virus that will encrypt your files if it enters your computer. It is based on the Hidden Tear project, which means that file encrypted could potentially be decrypted using the hidden tear decryptor. It uses the typical methods of distribution, which include spam emails and fake software updates. Once it is on your computer, it will encrypt your files and then demand that you pay to get them back. We never suggest paying as that does not necessarily mean your files will be decrypted. The thing about ransomware is that developers are not obligated to decrypt your files, even if you pay. And you would be basically supporting the cyber criminals. Instead of following the demands, we suggest you delete CryptoSweetTooth. And if you have backup, you can get your files back from there after you remove CryptoSweetTooth. Continue reading

Remove MerryChristmas Ransomware


What is MerryChristmas ransomware?

Although Christmas may be over, malicious infections stick around all year long. One of them is referred to as MerryChristmas ransomware. The threat behaves in a similar manner to other members of this category. It infiltrates computers using deceptive tricks and corrupts the files that are stored on them. Afterwards, the parasite demands that you pay a certain fee in order to recover your data. There are no guarantees when dealing with cyber crooks, which is why we recommend strongly against following their instructions. Instead, you should get rid of MerryChristmas ransomware as soon as you can. Continue reading

Remove Nyan Cat Screenlocker


What is Nyan Cat Screenlocker?

Nyan Cat Screenlocker is a screen locking malware that uses the iconic Nyan Cat. If you had heard or encountered ransomware at some point in your life, this screen locker might cause alarm bells to ring in your head and you might think that your files have been encrypted. However, that is not the case. This virus has merely locked your screen. The purpose of this virus is not clear as it does not even try to imitate ransomware by asking you to pay for supposedly encrypted files. Continue reading

Marlboro Ransomware Removal


About Marlboro Ransomware

Marlboro is a ransomware type of virus that encrypts computer files, making them unreadable. The creators of the virus ask for money in exchange for the decryption key. If you recently opened a spam email with a weird attachment, that’s how you must have gotten Marlboro Ransomware. The developers ask you to pay 0.3 Bitcons (around $180), which is not that much compared to what other ransomware virus creators ask for. Nevertheless, if you feel victim to this virus, do not pay the hackers, you will not get the decryption key. Instead, you should delete Marlboro Ransomware. Continue reading

SkyName Ransomware Removal


What is SkyName Ransomware?

SkyName Ransomware is a screen locker that tries to convince you that it encrypts your files. It does not actually encrypt anything. It still uses the same spread methods as ransomware, which is spam email and unsafe installs. Ransomware usually encrypts your files and then demands money to get them back. SkyName Ransomware will attempt to convince you that it encrypts files but at closer inspections, it becomes clear that it does not. It will lock your screen, launch a ransom note and demand that you pay, which is the last thing you should do. Continue reading