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Remove BadNews Ransomware


What is BadNews ransomware?

BadNews ransomware is a file-encrypting ransomware. Ransomware usually infects computers via spam emails or fake downloads, and it is highly likely that BadNews ransomware uses the same methods. Ransomware is one of the most dangerous viruses you could get as it encrypts files and asks that you pay to get them back. Sometimes, malware specialists are able to develop a free decryption key or if you have backup, you can get your files back from there. But otherwise, there is little chance you will restore your files. You might think paying the ransom is a good option but we must warn you that it might not lead to file decryption. There are cases when ransomware developers just take the money and leave the files as they are, encrypted. Instead of giving in to the demands, we suggest you remove BadNews ransomware from your system. Continue reading

Remove CloudSword


What is CloudSword?

CloudSword is a file-encrypting ransomware type of virus. If you got infected with this ransomware, that means you might have opened a malicious spam email attachment recently or perhaps downloaded software from an unreliable source. These are the typical ways ransomware infects users. If it does get onto your system, your files will become encrypted and you will be asked to pay to get them back. This is why ransomware is so dangerous. Once that happens, usually there is little chance you will get them back. Paying might seem like the obvious option but be warned that ransomware developers not always decrypt files after users pay. There is no way of knowing, and you might just end up wasting your money and supporting these cyber crooks. Instead of paying, you should obtain reliable backup. You also need to remove CloudSword. Continue reading

Remove LataRebo Locker


About LataRebo Locker

LataRebo Locker is a screen locker that will lock you out of your computer. It might enter your system via malicious spam emails and infected web pages. When it is on your computer, it will lock your screen and demand that you pay to gain access again. When dealing with a simple screen locker, it is important to remember that it can be easily removed and there is no need to pay anything. Usually, these kinds of threats claim that they have encrypted files, even if they have not, so that the user feels pressured to pay the money. However, LataRebo Locker just states that your computer has been locked. Simply remove LataRebo Locker and you can go back to using your computer as normal. Continue reading

Zekwacrypt Removal


What is Zekwacrypt?

Zekwacrypt is a file-encrypting malware that will make your files unreadable. It must have entered your computer when you opened a malicious email attachment. This is why security specialists always caution users not to open every single email attachment they get without first making sure it is safe to do so. When Zekwacrypt enters your computer, it will encrypt your files and then demand that you pay to get them back. While you might consider paying, we must warn you that it will not guarantee file decryption. Continue reading

Remove Potato Ransomware


What is Potato ransomware?

Potato ransomware may have a ridiculous name, but we assure you there is nothing amusing or funny about it. The threat is serious and complex, and once it infiltrates your computer, it affects your data files. More specifically, the parasite makes your files inaccessible to you by encoding them with the AES-256 encryption. It then demands that you pay the so-called ransom in order to fix your data. Needless to say, there are no guarantees when it comes to cyber criminals and their promises. We suggest that you do not waste your money and, instead, get rid of Potato ransomware as soon as you can. Continue reading

Jhon Woddy Removal


What is Jhon Woddy?

Jhon Woddy is a file-encrypting ransomware that has already been decrypted by malware specialists. It most likely uses the same spread methods as most ransomware, and that is spam email and fake downloads. If Jhon Woddy enters your computer, it will scan your computer and encrypt important files. You will then be asked to pay a ransom to get those files back. Continue reading