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.sage File Virus removal


About .sage file ransomware

.sage file is the file extension added to files encrypted by Sage ransomware. The ransomware will encrypt your files and then demand that you pay a ransom to get them back. Ransomware viruses are the most dangerous kind of viruses because getting infected is very easy and it could have disastrous consequences. Continue reading

BlackJockerCrypter – How to unlock?


What is BlackJockerCrypter virus

BlackJockerCrypter is yet another ransomware type of virus that encrypts files using AES encryption and then asks for money. Users can get infected via spam email, suspicious domains and fake software updates. Once on the computer, it finds relevant files and makes them unreadable. Then the user will find a ransom demand message. Continue reading

Remove Unlock this Page to Continue


About Unlock this Page to Continue

Unlock this Page to Continue is a screen locker type of virus. It could have entered your computer via malicious sites and exploit kits. It is very easy to get infected because all it takes is entering the wrong page and the virus downloads onto your computer. If you do indeed have this malware, your screen will be locked and you will be asked to complete a survey in order to unlock it. Continue reading Removal


What is is a ransomware type of virus developed by creators of the Dharma virus. Users who infect their computers with ransomware suddenly find that they cannot open their files because they were encrypted. They are then asked to pay for a decryption key which would supposedly restore the files. Users get infected when they open malicious email attachments, fall for fake downloads or press on malicious links. Continue reading

Remove NTK ransomware


What is NTK ransomware?

NTK ransomware is a screen-locking type of ransomware virus that will block you from accessing your computer. When it comes to ransomware, screen lockers are not the most dangerous threats as they do not encrypt files. It merely locks your screen and demands that you pay to unlock it. There is no need to even think about paying as you can just delete NTK ransomware and you computer will be unlocked. You must have picked up this infection when you opened a malicious email attachment or fell for a fake download. There are much more serious threats out there, thus take this as a lesson to be more careful when using the Internet. Remove NTK ransomware. Continue reading