Dansk Rigspolitiet virus Removal Instructions

Dansk Rigspolitiet virus (also known as Dansk Rigspolitiet Koncern IT virus) is a ransomware infection which attacks and blocks computers in Denmark. The message provided to the users makes them think that their system was blocked by the Danish Police office. In the pop-up, the virus claims that you have illegal content in your PC and thus, you have to pay a fine, if you wish to avoid further legal actions and to regain access to your system.

Though many users believe this lie, we urge you not to become another victim. Do not trust this malicious software and delete Dansk Rigspolitiet virus.

Dansk Rigspolitiet virus-

What does Dansk Rigspolitiet virus do?

Obviously, the main goal of this and other similar rogues is to steal user’s money and to find out their banking data. In order to convince users that the notification is legitimate, cyber criminals ensure that it looks very official. However, this is all a scam. According to our research team, this virus comes from a famous and very dangerous Ukash Virus group. It is spread with a help of a Trojan which may enter your PC bundled with freeware. Furthermore, recently it was noticed that this horse is also distributed by eBay, Fedex, Amazon, etc. letters. If you open an attachment that comes with such letter, you can be sure that you will silently install a Trojan that will be activated when you reboot the system.

When dealing with such situation you must remember that no legal institution uses screen blocking as a way to deal with law violations. Instead of giving away your savings, ignore the message and terminate Dansk Rigspolitiet virus.

The presented message will look like this:

OBS! Computeren er blevet blokeret af sikkerhedsmæssige årsager anført nedenfor.
Du er anklaget for visning/lagring og/eller spredning af forbudte pornografi (børnepornografi/ dyresex/voldtægt osv). Du har overtrådt World Declaration om ikke-spredning af børnepornografi. Du er anklaget for at begå forbrydelsen omhandlet i artikelt61 i strafferet af Kongeriget Danmark.
Artikel 161 i strafferet af Kongeriget Danmark indeholder bestemmelser om straf for frihedsstraf fra 5 til 11 år.
Uautoriseret adgang kunne have været arrangeret af dig selv om lejesoldat motiver. Eller uden din viden og samtykke, kunne din computer have været påvirket af malware. Derfor er du mistanket af uskyldigt overtrædelse af artikel 215 i strafferet af Kongeriget Danmark Flov om uagtsom og hensynsløs tilsidesættelse af computere og hjælpemidler”) indtil undersøgelsen er holdt.

The infection demands that you pay a 1000 DKK fine within the 48 hours. The money are supposed to be transferred via Ukash or PaySafeCard systems. If you fail to pay, you are threatened to face criminal charges that could lead to up to 7 or 11 years in prison. Do not believe this message and remove Dansk Rigspolitiet virus. We assure you that this whole situation is just a way to steal your money and sensitive information. Protect your computer and do not lose your savings. Uninstall Dansk Rigspolitiet virus from your computer right away.

How to remove Dansk Rigspolitiet virus?

In order to get rid of Dansk Rigspolitiet virus, you need to employ a reputable and legitimate anti-malware. A powerful tool will not only erase Dansk Rigspolitiet virus, but will also take care of the Trojan which installed the infection in the first place. Bear in mind that only an authentic and up-to-date malware removal tool will be able to eliminate Dansk Rigspolitiet virus and protect your PC in the future. We do not recommend attempting manual Dansk Rigspolitiet virus removal, since it is complicated and unless you are an experienced user, you may damage your computer even further.

Terminate Dansk Rigspolitiet virus

Windows 8

  • Access the Metro UI Start screen and tap the Power Options button.
  • At the same time press the Shift key and click Restart to open the Troubleshoot menu.
  • Choose Advanced options and press Startup Settings.
  • Pick Restart and choose F5 to reboot your PC.
  • Download and run the anti-malware to delete Dansk Rigspolitiet virus.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Restart the PC and wait for the BIOS screen to load.
  • Immediately start clicking F8 to open the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select Safe Mode with Networking. Press Enter.
  • Download a trustworthy malware removal tool and get rid of Dansk Rigspolitiet virus.

Windows XP

  • Restart your system and wait for the BIOS screen to finish loading.
  • Immediately start tapping F8 to access the Windows Advanced Options Menu.
  • Using arrow keys pick Safe Mode with Networking and tap Enter.
  • Click YES on the Windows is running in safe mode notification and install a reliable anti-malware.
  • Uninstall Dansk Rigspolitiet virus.

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