What is Payfornature Virus?

Payfornature may be referred to as a virus, but it actually falls into the category of file-encoding ransomware. It has been linked to JohnyCryptor Virus and some other malware of the same type that have “@india.com” in their names. The threat spreads online by employing deceptive tactics including corrupted links, hacked sites, spam email with malign attachments, etc. After it infiltrates your computer, it starts encrypting your files. Please note that the parasite targets not only your data files, but your program files as well, which makes it that much more serious. We urge you to eliminate Payfornature Virus from your PC as soon as you possibly can.

Payfornature Virus

How does Payfornature Virus work?

Payfornature Virus begins its malicious file-encryption process right after it slithers into your computer. The ransomware targets your data files and your program files, which means that you will not be able to access your photos, videos, documents, and other data and that some of your programs will become useless to you as well. The files corrupted by the virus are easy to recognize as they have the following extension added to them: “.{payfornature@india.com}.crypt”. The malicious application will not affect your %WINDIR% directory, so you will be able to continue using your PC the way you did before the infection.

After successful encryption, the malware will create “How_to_decrypt_your_files.txt” file containing the ransom note. This file will present you with the following message:

Your files are encrypted because you don’t give enough attention to the safety of your system.
To decrypt your data, you need to pay us. After payment we will send you the encoder.
We are not liars or cheaters. You pay – we help.
The more time you wait before you pay = the more expensive price. It’s simple. Be reasonable.
Now the price is 3 BTC. After 24 hours, the price will grow to 5 BTC.
Bitcoins buys here https://localbitcoins.com/
Our purse 1Na3GVsnSwxVSDhcd8WWrvdyqTGPodYJfk”

When cyber criminals claim that they are “not liars or cheaters”, it sound ridiculous to say the least. The truth is, you absolutely cannot trust them. There is no way for you to be sure that if you go through with the payment, you will actually restore your data. Once the hackers receive your money, there is no reason for them to send you anything. Not to mention, that the price of the so-called encoder is 3 Bitcoins, which equals about 1800 USD. That is a lot of money to risk on something that may not end well. We strongly advise that you do not waste your money aimlessly. Instead, you should get rid of Payfornature Virus and try other ways of fixing your data.

How to remove Payfornature Virus?

There is no question that you need to terminate Payfornature Virus right away. You can do that by implementing a powerful malware prevention and removal tool, which can be acquired from our site. It will scan your PC and detect all harmful elements. The software will then delete Payfornature Virus in its entirety. It will also get rid of other dangerous files and programs. In addition to Payfornature Virus, the anti-malware will stay useful in the future by providing your computer with online protection in real time. Once you erase Payfornature Virus from your system, you will be able to try restoring your files. This can be done by using backup or by implementing one of the free file decryptors such as RakhniDecryptor by KasperskyLab or similar.

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