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Remove MyMapsWizard Toolbar


What is MyMapsWizard Toolbar?

MyMapsWizard Toolbar is classified as a potentially unwanted application due to its distribution method and some of the actions that it takes once inside the system. It is promoted as an app that can provide users with maps and driving directions. It belongs to Mindspark Interactive Network, a company that created lots of similar programs to earn revenue by employing the pay-per-click system. Computer users do not benefit from this type of software, instead, they have to deal with never-ending ads, redirects, and other interruptions. That is why we suggest that you uninstall MyMapsWizard Toolbar from your PC. Continue reading

Remove MetroWhiz Toolbar


About MetroWhiz Toolbar

MetroWhiz Toolbar is a dubious browser extension and a browser hijacker that is promoting a suspicious search engine. If you obtained it, whether you did it willingly or not, it will change your browser’s settings and possibly try to redirect you to sponsored content. The reason why a hijacker is on your computer is to try to generate traffic for sponsored sites by redirecting you there. More traffic mean more money for owners. If you happen to notice this hijacker on your system, you need to pay more attention to how you install free programs. Continue reading

Remove Converters Now Toolbar


About Converters Now Toolbar

Converters Now Toolbar is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that is advertised as a useful extension that will help you convert files. PUPs are not malicious, though they are of highly questionable nature. If you have Converters Now Toolbar on your computer, you might start seeing more ads than usual and your screen could be flooded with them. Continue reading

Remove DirectionsOnline Toolbar


About DirectionsOnline Toolbar

DirectionsOnline Toolbar is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and a browser hijacker that is advertised as an extension that will supposedly allow you to access direction related services. While you may be able to obtain it from legitimate sources, it can also get into your computer via software bundles. This is why users need to be more careful about how they install free programs. PUPs and hijackers are attached as additional offers and that means that you don’t need to install it if you don’t want to. But it is set to install alongside the freeware and in order to stop it, you need to manually deselect it during freeware installation. If you are really unlucky, you could be led to malicious pages where dangerous software is lurking. Your best bet is to delete DirectionsOnline Toolbar. Continue reading

Remove MyDIYGenie Toolbar


About MyDIYGenie Toolbar

MyDIYGenie Toolbar is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and a browser hijacker. It is advertised as a useful browser extension but in reality it will only be a nuisance. If you did not choose to install it yourself, it could have been attached to some free software that installed. If the attached items go unnoticed, they are authorized to install. Continue reading