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Remove DailyProductivityTools Toolbar


What is DailyProductivityTools Toolbar?

DailyProductivityTools is advertised as a toolbar that provides numerous useful features but is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). The company behind this PUP, Mindspark Interactive Network, is known to have produced numerous browser hijackers and this is no different. You may not remember obtaining it which means it must have entered your computer along with free software. Continue reading

Remove SuperCouponPro Toolbar


What is SuperCouponPro Toolbar?

SuperCouponPro Toolbar is a browser plugin developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. As the information on its official website tells us, users could “get free printable coupons from popular sites” if they install this application. Of course, there are some people who decide to download and install this application voluntarily. Continue reading

Remove Note Homepage Toolbar


What is Note Homepage Toolbar

Note Homepage Toolbar is a browser add-on, also considered to be adware. Developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Note Homepage Toolbar is promoted as an extension that will allow you to make notes on your browser. The developers behind this toolbar are responsible for countless other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), and Note Homepage Toolbar falls into the same category. Continue reading

Remove DigiSmirkz Toolbar


What is DigiSmirkz Toolbar?

DigiSmirkz is a dubious toolbar developed by Mindspark Interactive Network. It is promoted as a browser extension that will allow you to insert various emoticons to your messages and emails. While some users might consider it useful, malware specialists classify it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and a browser hijacker. It is available for download on the official website but it can also spread using software bundles. It will make changes to your browser and attempt to redirect you to sponsored pages. That is the main purpose of DigiSmirkz Toolbar. It aims to generate traffic for those sites and in that way make income. While PUPs are not regarded as high-level threats, they can expose users to malicious content which could do a lot of damage. It is not recommended to allow PUPs to remain on the system and we suggest you delete DigiSmirkz Toolbar as soon as possible. Continue reading

Remove ScenicHomepage Toolbar


What is ScenicHomepage Toolbar?

ScenicHomepage Toolbar is a browser extension that is regarded as a browser hijacker and potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is available on the official site but it can also enter your computer via software bundles. It may be attached to free software you are installing and install alongside it. It is not malicious but it will make changes to your browser. If you did not agree to install this add-on, the change will be irritating as you were not asked to permit it. It will aim to generate pay-per-click revenue for sponsored sites and it will do that by redirecting you to them. You may expose your computer to danger as ScenicHomepage Toolbar may redirect you to a malicious site where you could obtain malware. The developer, Mindspark Interactive Network, is known to produce PUPs and this is not different. We suggest you delete ScenicHomepage Toolbar. Continue reading

Remove GetCouponsFast Toolbar


About GetCouponsFast Toolbar

GetCouponsFast Toolbar is a browser hijacker that falls into the potentially unwanted program (PUP) category. Developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, GetCouponsFast Toolbar promotes a dubious search engine that aims to expose you to advertisement content. This is not the first PUP by this company and they are all essentially identical. If it installed onto your computer, it will make changes to your computer and generate income by exposing you to sponsored content. You might even be exposed to dangerous content and end up infecting your computer with serious malware. If you are wondering how GetCouponsFast Toolbar infected your computer, we can say that you most likely installed it yourself. It was attached to free software and you allowed it to install. If you want to prevent possible malware from entering your computer, you need to remove GetCouponsFast Toolbar. Continue reading