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Remove Vigorf.A


What is Vigorf.A?

Vigorf.A is a Trojan horse which secretly enters computers, so users might not even know that they have it. Those users who discover that this malicious application is installed on their computers usually start seeing alerts from their security applications or discover a suspicious process in the Task Manager. Continue reading

Remove Amazon virus


What is Amazon virus?

Amazon virus is a Trojan that uses Amazon’s name to infect computers. Trojans are dangerous computer infections as they could be stealing your private data and then transferring it to the creators. This particular Trojan is hidden in a file attachment that many users are fooled into believing comes from Amazon, the popular online store. When cyber criminals pretend to be from legitimate companies, there is a higher chance that users will fall for the deceit and open the attachment or press the link. Users have been warned for years to be careful when dealing with emails but many still fall for these tricks and end up infecting their computers with Trojans or ransomware. If you have recently clicked on a link or an attachments sent by seemingly Amazon, there is a chance a Trojan is active on your computer. Obtain anti-malware software and scan your computer immediately. If it is located, delete Amazon virus. Continue reading

Gen.Malware.Heur Removal


What is Gen.Malware.Heur?

Gen.Malware.Heur is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that has infected your computer because you obtained free software and installed items attached to it. You need to develop better installation habits because you yourself allowed Gen.Malware.Heur to install onto your computer. Adware PUPs are not usually malicious and merely aim to generate pay-per-click income by exposing you to ads. It can be highly irritating as you will see ads constantly. Pop-ups are, perhaps, the most frustrating of ads as they appear no matter where you click. Of course, you can just close them, but they will keep appearing until you delete Gen.Malware.Heur. You should be aware that adware is capable of exposing users to malicious content and they might end up with a malicious computer virus. If you care about your computer’s security, we suggest you uninstall Gen.Malware.Heur immediately. Continue reading

Remove Win32.Malware-gen


What is Win32.Malware-gen?

Win32.Malware-gen are a group of Trojans detected by various anti-malware programs. Usually, users pick up a Trojan when they enter a malicious page, use Torrents or open infected email attachments. If the users are not careful, they can very easily end up infecting their computers with Trojans. The malware may connect to the Internet and download other malicious programs. In other words, it can cause a lot of damage. Continue reading

Remove Backdoor.andromeda


What is Backdoor.andromeda?

Backdoor.andromeda is a Trojan that may be hiding on your computer if you recently opened a malicious spam email attachment, fell for a fake download or clicked on an infected advert. If you have no anti-malware software on your computer, you might not even know that a Trojan has infected your system as it works silently. It will open a backdoor to your computer, which could possibly allow cyber crooks to access your computer remotely and install additional malware onto your computer. Your sensitive information is also at risk. The Trojan could be sending out your login and bank details to malicious parties. You need to remove Backdoor.andromeda. Continue reading

Trojan.multi.proxy.changer.gen Removal


About Trojan.multi.proxy.changer.gen

Trojan.multi.proxy.changer.gen is a Trojan infection that is causing various Internet browsing disturbances. It might have entered your computer via free software, or when you visited malicious web pages. This malware will generate pop-ups and redirect you to weird websites. Trojans do not make themselves known that easily so when your browsing becomes interrupted, you might not realize what is going on. In order to identify the Trojan, you will need to acquire a reliable scanner. Trojans can be quite dangerous if not dealt with accordingly as they can allow other, more serious malware to enter your computer, which is why if you are experiencing any suspicious redirects, scan your computer and uninstall Trojan.multi.proxy.changer.gen. Continue reading