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Plumbytes is a reliable security software that can provide you with a rich set of beneficial features. It belongs to a UK-based company called Plumbytes Software, LP. The application functions as a malware detection and removal utility. Its advantages include real-time protection, fast performance, effective scanner, and more.

plumbytes-homeThe software’s fast scan can find and eliminate all threats that are present in your system including spyware, browser hijackers, adware, malware, and other unsafe programs. The software also comes with Basic Security Threat Detection, which allows you to stay secure while surfing online, and an “anti-hijack” feature, which protects your browsers from unnecessary modifications made by third-party applications. The program also offers free 24/7 support by experienced technicians and several other benefits that are discussed below.


As it has already been mentioned, Plumbytes anti-malware comes with multiple useful features. One of them is the security threat detection, which provides your computer with real-time protection while you surf the Web. The utility warns you about phishing attempts and malicious websites containing various scams, so that you can avoid interacting with them. This feature is especially useful, because it allows you to stay safe online and prevent such unfavorable outcomes of dealing with virtual scams as malware infections, money losses, data corruption, and so on, which can affect business in many ways, and that’s why is important for business to protect their finances in many ways, including with the help of loan services such as nation 21 loans or many others.

Another Plumbytes feature that is especially relevant nowadays is the “anti-hijack” browser protection. Browser hijackers may not be malicious programs, but they cause serious disruptions when they access your system by altering such browser settings as your home page, new tab, and default search engine without your permission. Moreover, they may also insert fake advertisements into your visited websites and cause annoying redirects to unfamiliar domains. In some cases, it is rather difficult to get rid of browser hijackers as they enter your system with additional potentially unwanted and ad-supported programs that block you from fixing your settings. Therefore, it is certainly a good idea to have a security tool that is capable of protecting your browsers from being hijacked without your knowledge. Moreover, if your web browsers have already been affected, the program will help you restore them to the original preferences.


The anti-malware utility has an intuitive interface, thus making it easy to use even for inexperienced computer users. The program’s fast scan employs cutting-edge technology, which allows it to detect various types of malicious and potentially unwanted programs. The application can find and remove such parasites as adware, spyware, browser hijackers, Trojans, rootkits, worms, and other types of harmful threats. Its database is regularly updated, so the malware remover is effective even when it comes to the newest infections. In case you ever have any issues with the software, you can always contact the free technical support. The IT experts are available 24/7 and they can help you with any questions that you may have.

Plumbytes can be acquired in two versions. You can download Plumbytes for free with limited functionality or you can purchase its full version. The trial version of the program includes the scanner, which can locate and identify the unwanted components present in your system and provide you with their detailed description. The full version of the security tool can be purchased for 34.99 euros and it includes all of the above-mentioned functionality. Its license is valid for six months, and it can be extended automatically, if you so choose. The software is compatible with the following Windows versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP2, only 32-bit version), Windows XP (Sp3, only 32-bit version). If you want to clean your computer from potentially unwanted apps and make sure that it stays safe and protected in the future, Plumbytes can certainly help you with that.

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