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Remove Eastness


About Eastness

Eastness is an ad-supported program, known as adware. These kinds of programs are usually quite harmless but it still is an infection that should not be on your computer. The good news is that it will not delete any files, install suspicious programs or take your computer for ransom. However, the adware could expose you to potentially dangerous content. Continue reading

WinThruster Removal


About WinThruster

WinThruster is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that is promoted as a system optimization tool. PUPs are usually not malicious nor very dangerous but they rarely belong on your computer. They are referred to as potentially unwanted for a reason. WinThruster will offer you to fix and optimize your computer, for a price, of course. Continue reading

FlowSprit Removal


About FlowSprit

FlowSprit is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that may be to blame for your slower than usual computer. If you have noticed the strange program appearing on your screen, it is most likely connecting to various websites and opening various ads in the background. Since this does not happen evidently, users might ignore the displayed program and carry on with their business. However, the constant connections and ads will slow down your computer severely. Continue reading

Remove Urgent Firefox Update Virus


What is Urgent Firefox Update Virus?

Urgent Firefox Update pop-ups are appearing on your screen because you most likely have an adware program on your computer. Adware itself is not malicious but it can sometimes promote unreliable software and expose users to dangerous content, which could lead to a serious computer infection. Not to mention the constant pop-ups and ads. In the case of Urgent Firefox Update Virus, you will get pop-ups claiming that you need to download a Firefox Update. Continue reading

Remove Coupons Best Ads


What is Coupons Best?

Coupons Best is considered to be adware that exposes users to intrusive ads. Coupons Best supposedly lets you read horoscopes and solve various quizzes. The reason why Coupons Best is seen as adware is because it can download and install onto your computer without you agreeing to it. It also tracks your browsing activity and bombards you with ads and banners. With horoscopes and quizzes being easy to access on the Internet, risking your private information by using Coupons Best does not seem to be worth the risk. Therefore, if you find it on your computer, we suggest you delete Coupons Best. Continue reading



What is comes from a group of browser hijackers that also includes,,,,, and many more. The hijacker affects all popular web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It changes their settings, floods them with ads, causes redirects to its sponsor webpages, and so on. There is no need for you to tolerate these inconveniences, because there is nothing beneficial about the application. We advise that you terminate without hesitation. Continue reading