What is DessCode Android Malware?

New malware that targets people using Android devices has been detected recently. Malware experts have given the name DressCode Android malware to it. This malware can be downloaded from Google Play together with different apps, for example, various games. According to researchers, the malicious application DressCode has been embedded into more than 40 different applications, but the number might be significantly higher.

It would not be a big problem if these apps were not popular at all; however, research carried out recently has shown that some of these apps have been downloaded 100, 000 or even 500, 000 times, which means that it might be sitting on thousands of Android devices. If you have recently downloaded an application from Google Play, we suggest being cautious too. It is not advisable to use any apps unless you find out that they are trustworthy and clean of DressCode. It should be easier for you to recognize if this threat is inside your device and remove DressCode Android malware if you read the article; however, as the previous experience of malware experts shows, it is not as easy to uninstall DressCode Android Malware as it might seem at first sight.

If DressCode Android malware successfully infiltrates the Android device, it creates a botnet. Botnet is a group of devices controlled by cyber criminals without the knowledge of users. Hackers use those botnets for their own purposes, for example, they might mine the online currency like Bitcoins or use them to earn money. In the case of DressCode Android malware, this malicious application creates a botnet to be able to disguise ad clicks and thus generate the traffic. The larger botnet cyber criminals create, the more money they get, so it is not surprising that DressCode Android malware has already infected thousands of devices. Fortunately, some of these infected apps have already been removed from the Google Play; however, some of them might remain undetected, so Android users have to be cautious and do not download anything from the Google Play, especially games, until it is reported that the malware is completely removed and can no longer cause harm.

It is dangerous to keep DressCode Android malware not only because it creates a botnet, but also because this malicious software can access any internal network since it routes all its communications through the device that belongs to the victim. Therefore, the DressCode Android malware removal should be the main concern of every user. Of course, people need to know that DressCode Android malware is not the only malware that targets devices with the Android OS, so they might allow another threat to enter their devices if they keep downloading software from untrustworthy sources and do not have security software designed for Android installed on their computers.

How can I delete DressCode Android malware?

Ordinary users of Android devices might not find it easy to detect and remove DressCode Android malware because it hides itself well. The easiest way to implement the DressCode Android malware removal is to remove all applications downloaded recently, especially if they are games. Users should also perform the scans with the anti-malware software that works on Android devices to fully delete DressCode Android malware from their devices.

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