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Remove MarineAquariumLite Toolbar


About MarineAquariumLite Toolbar

MarineAquariumLite Toolbar is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), that falls into the category of a browser hijacker. Developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, this PUP is advertised as a toolbar that allows you to create your own aquarium and set it as your homepage background. If you install it, it will also make unwanted changes. All this is done so that MarineAquariumLite Toolbar could generate traffic by redirecting you to sponsored websites. If you don’t remember downloading this toolbar, you must have installed it along with free software. This would not be unusual as many Mindspark toolbars use the bundling method to enter computers. Whichever way you got it, we suggest you remove MarineAquariumLite Toolbar. Continue reading

PDFConverterHQ Toolbar Removal


About PDFConverterHQ Toolbar

PDFConverterHQ Toolbar is a suspicious browser toolbar that is advertised as a converting tool which allows you to convert files to PDF. Some users choose to download this toolbar but some are surprised to find it on their computers. If you are the latter, then you probably recently installed free software and did not notice PDFConverterHQ Toolbar being attached. If something is attached to the software you are installing, that something will install as well, unless you manually deselect it. Continue reading

Remove FreeManualsIndex Toolbar


What is FreeManualsIndex Toolbar?

FreeManualsIndex Toolbar, developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is a legitimate toolbar, advertised as a tool that can help you quickly find manuals. Just like most Mindspark toolbars, it classified as a PUP due to its questionable features. While it has an official website, where you can obtain FreeManualsIndex Toolbar, you can also get it if you install freeware and it has this PUP attached to it. Continue reading

Remove 100s of Recipes Toolbar


What is 100s of Recipes Toolbar?

100s of Recipes Toolbar is a legitimate toolbar, developed by Mindspark. It is also classified as a potentially unwanted program. It advertised as a toolbar that can help you with finding recipes for cooking, however, it will make some rather questionable changes to your browser and potentially generate pop-ups ads. It is a legitimate toolbar, which means that you probably have chosen to download it yourself. In case you haven’t and still ended up with this questionable toolbar, it may be able to install using the bundling method, where it is attached to free software as an optional item. We encourage you to think carefully whether you want to keep this toolbar on your computer. The best course of action would be to delete 100s of Recipes Toolbar from your device. Continue reading

Remove From Doc to Pdf Toolbar


What is From Doc to Pdf Toolbar?

From Doc to Pdf Toolbar, developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc, is a toolbar that is supposed to provide you with weather reports. It is also categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that will make unneeded changes to your browser. Because this is a legitimate toolbar, you can download it from various download websites. However, some users might not recall getting such a toolbar themselves. Continue reading

Remove Flirty Wallpaper Toolbar


What is FlirtyWallpaper Toolbar?

Flirty Wallpaper Toolbar is advertised as a tool that can allow you to change the background of your homepage. It’s developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, and it considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP). You can either download it yourself from download websites or you can accidentally allow it to enter your computer when you install freeware. Thankfully, it’s not malicious and will not harm your computer by itself. Continue reading