Best Antivirus 2022 UK

Should you be using anti-virus software?

Considering that malware is always lurking on the Internet just waiting to gain access to your system, it’s essential that your computer is protected by an anti-virus program. Anti-virus software is an essential tool to have but with the number of such programs available, it can often feel overwhelming.

Best Antivirus for Windows 10 to use in 2022

When choosing an anti-virus program, it’s important to consider a few things. Primarily, what kind of protection it offers, whether it has additional features, its usability, effect on system performance, and price. To help you not get overwhelmed with the choices, we have provided summaries of the 4 best anti-virus programs to use in 2022 UK.


WiperSoft is an anti-virus program for Windows computers developed by Wiper Software. It’s a relatively new program in the cybersecurity business but in just a few short years, it has reached over 1 million downloads from all over the world. It’s a powerful security program that will protect your computer from a variety of infections. That includes adware, browser hijackers, potentially unwanted programs, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, spyware, and other malware.

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WiperSoft is particularly effective when it comes to dealing with less serious infections like adware and browser hijackers. It’s not uncommon for such infections to be overlooked by major anti-virus vendors because they do not pose a significant threat to computers. In many cases, they’re more annoying than actually harmful. But they can cause a lot of issues and be difficult to get rid of. WiperSoft’s regularly updated threat database allows the program to get rid of even the most recent infections. It performs well in malware detection/removal tests and effectively deals with all types of threats.

The program has a user-friendly interface and a modern-looking design. It’s quite easy to use, which is certainly a plus when it comes to anti-virus programs because users of all skill levels use them. And less tech-savvy users may choose to not use such an important program if they find it too difficult to use.

WiperSoft is a rather silent program. It will operate in the background without disrupting your regular computer use. It does not consume many system resources so you should not notice its presence.

  • Price

WiperSoft has three subscription plans, though they only differ in subscription length. All plans allow usage on up to 5 devices. The shortest period is 6 months. It costs £6/month but you would need to pay £36 every 6 months. A 1-year license is £50/year (£4.17/month), and a 2-year license is £72/2 years (£3/month). There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. One thing to mention is that for convenience, subscriptions renew automatically. If you do not want to be charged again, you would need to cancel the subscription manually.


BitDefender is an anti-virus program developed by Romanian cybersecurity company BitDefender. The company has been in this industry for over 20 years and its software is protecting millions of users all over the world. BitDefender is not only an anti-virus tool, it’s a security program that comes with additional features.


BitDefender is effective against a variety of different malicious threats, including spyware, trojans, viruses, keyloggers, rootkits, and ransomware. It’s capable of detecting threats in real-time, preventing them from entering and doing possible damage. And even if something manages to sneak in, BitDefender will immediately detect suspicious behavior and isolate the threat. BitDefender has a significant threat database that is constantly updated with new threats so it will be able to detect even recently-released malware. Ransomware protection will also keep your files safe from encryption. If you subscribe to the more expensive plans, you would get access to BitDefender’s additional features. It offers a system optimizer and even an unlimited VPN.

Despite being a powerful anti-virus program, BitDefender operates silently. Whether the program is actively scanning or just simply monitoring your device, you will likely not notice any negative impact on your computer, unless you’re using a rather old device. It’s also not difficult to use/navigate as everything is clearly sectioned. Users of all skill levels should be able to use BitDefender with no issues.

  • Price

BitDefender has 4 subscription plans to choose from. The more expensive ones come with more features. The most basic subscription plan is the BitDefender Antivirus Plus for £22.14/the first year, then £44.30/year. The plan offers basic anti-virus protection for up to 3 Windows devices, as well as protection against phishing. The BitDefender Internet Security plan is a bit pricier but it also offers more features. For £29.54/the first year, then £59.07, you get anti-virus protection for up to three Windows devices, personal information protection with the Privacy Firewall feature, microphone/webcam protection, and protection against phishing. For £29.06/the first year, then £66.45/year, you can get the BitDefender Total Security plan. It includes protection for up to 5 Windows devices, all mentioned features, as well as the OneClick Optimizer system cleaning tool. The most expensive plan is BitDefender Premium Security for £47.47/the first year, then £110.76/year. It can be used on up to 10 Windows devices and includes all of the already-mentioned features, as well as an unlimited VPN. One thing to mention is that for convenience, subscriptions renew automatically. If you do not want to be charged again, you would need to cancel the subscription manually.


Security company ESET has been operating for over 30 years now, and its anti-virus software has been protecting users for a similar period of time. ESET is also perhaps one of the most famous and widely-used anti-virus programs. And it doesn’t only deal with malware, it also protects users from a wide range of online threats.


The ESET anti-virus program can detect all types of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, ransomware, and other threats. It detects threats in real-time, which allows it to deal with them before they can actually enter the system and do damage. Malware that tries to encrypt your files (aka ransomware) will also be blocked. The latter is an important feature because ransomware is becoming an increasingly bigger threat to regular users. ESET will also warn you when you end up on phishing sites to stop you from disclosing your sensitive information to malicious actors. Depending on which subscription plan you choose, you will also get additional features like a password manager, file encryption, network/device monitoring, and more.

Considering that ESET has been in the business for decades, developers have perfected the program’s interface and design. The user-friendly interface makes the program easy to use so even users with little technical knowledge should be able to use it fully. It’s also a very lightweight program so it will not have a negative effect on your device.

  • Price

ESET for Windows has 3 subscription plans with different features included. The most basic plan is Essential Protection ESET NOD32 Antivirus for £29.90/year/1PC. It includes complete anti-virus protection (malware, ransomware, phishing, etc.), and a tool for performance optimization. For £39.90/year/1 device (Windows, macOS, Android), you can buy the Advanced Protection ESET Internet Security plan that includes complete anti-virus protection, a system optimizer, secure browsing, as well as network/device monitoring tools. For £44.90/year/1 device (Windows, macOS, Android), you can get all of the already-mentioned features, plus a password manager, sensitive file encryption, and the ESET LiveGuard feature. One thing to mention is that for convenience, subscriptions renew automatically. If you do not want to be charged again, you would need to cancel the subscription manually.


Developed by NortonLifeLock, Norton is an anti-virus program that has been protecting users for 30 years. It’s a sophisticated security program that not only protects computers from malware but also provides users loads of extra features.


Norton anti-virus protects computers from threats like viruses, spyware, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, and other malware. It also detects phishing attempts on sites you’re visiting to stop you from disclosing your sensitive information to malicious actors, as well as protects your files from encryption by ransomware. Its plans also come with additional features, though they cost more. In general, while Norton offers great discounts for the first year, the regular prices are quite high. However, these plans include extra features like cloud backup, a password manager, a VPN, camera protection, 24/7 customer support, and more.

Norton has a classic anti-virus interface, which is certainly not a bad thing. It’s smooth, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. Another important thing to mention is that Norton anti-virus does not cause performance issues. It works silently in the background, and you should not notice its presence even when it’s running a full system scan.

  • Price

Norton offers 4 plans with varying features. The cheapest plan is Norton AntiVirus Plus. For the price of £14.99/the first year, then £34.99/year, you get protection against malware (including real-time) for one Windows or macOS device, cloud backup, Smart Firewall (for PC)/Firewall (for Mac), and a password manager. The Norton 360 Standard plan is £24.99/the first year, then £64.99/year. This plan covers 1 Windows or Mac device and includes protection against malware, the already mentioned features, a VPN, SafeCam, and 24/7 Customer support. If you wish to use Norton on more than 1 device, you can get the Norton 360 Deluxe plan for £34.99/the first year, then £84.99/year. It covers up to 5 devices and includes all of the already mentioned features, as well as parental controls, and dark web monitoring. The Norton 360 Premium is essentially the same as Norton 360 Deluxe but is more expensive because it covers up to 10 devices. It costs £44.99/the first year, then £94.99/year.

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