Best Antivirus Australia 2022

Why having anti-virus software installed is necessary

While it may not seem like it could happen to you, serious malware infections are waiting just around the corner. In many cases, an anti-virus program is the only thing standing between malware and your damaged files/stolen information. Not all infections are dangerous but the ones that are can cause a significant amount of damage. And depending on what kind of malware your computer gets infected with, recovery can be very time-consuming, not to mention expensive.

Best Antivirus Australia 2022

Now that we established how essential it is to have anti-virus software installed on a computer, you need to pick one that works best for you if you don’t already have one installed. With the number of anti-virus programs available, it can be quite overwhelming. To help you make the choice, we have prepared 4 quick summaries for some of the best antivirus programs to use in 2022 for Australian users.


Developed by Wiper Software, WiperSoft is an anti-virus program for Windows computers. It’s a more recently-released program, especially compared to security programs like ESET that have been in the industry for 3 decades but it’s still a great, efficient anti-virus program.

WiperSoft Antimalware

WiperSoft is an anti-virus program that deals with a wide range of computer threats, including spyware, trojans, viruses, keyloggers, etc. However, what WiperSoft specializes in is the detection of smaller threats. In particular, WiperSoft is the program to use when dealing with adware, browser hijackers, and potentially unwanted programs. These infections are some of the most common threats users encounter but since they’re not considered to be particularly dangerous, they’re often undetected by bigger anti-virus vendors. However, such infections can be harmful in addition to being incredibly annoying to deal with. WiperSoft’s threat database is constantly updated with new threats so even if you’re dealing with a recently-released infection, WiperSoft should be able to detect it. If not, it’s possible to contact the helpdesk to get a custom solution.

The interface is quite simple, which, in this case, is a good thing. Some anti-virus programs are unnecessarily complicated to use, and this impacts how users use them. So the simpler an anti-virus program is to use, the better. WiperSoft’s design is pretty typical for such programs, though the dark theme is pleasing to the eye. And when it comes to performance, it’s silent and does not hog system resources. It’s unlikely to have a negative effect on your computer no matter what it’s doing.

Subscription price

WiperSoft has one plan but three subscription lengths. A 6-month license costs AU$50/6 months (AU$8.33/month). WiperSoft offers great discounts if you subscribe for longer periods. A 1-year license is AU$70/year (AU$5.83/month). A 50% discount is available if you buy the 2-year license, with you being billed AU$100/2 years (AU$4.17/month). All subscriptions authorize you to use WiperSoft on up to 5 devices. We should also mention that these plans renew automatically for convenience. So if you want to avoid getting charged again, make sure to cancel your subscription in time.


ESET anti-virus is the product of a Slovak internet security company with the same name. First founded in 1992, ESET has been protecting millions of users all over the world for almost three decades. Since the initial release in 1987, ESET anti-virus has been developed into a capable security suite with great additional features in addition to malware detection/removal.


Considering how long ESET has been in operation, its database is quite substantial. New threats are added as they are discovered, so ESET anti-virus software is fully capable of detecting both old and recent threats. Whether your computer is infected with spyware, a virus, a trojan, a password-stealing keylogger, data-stealing malware, or ransomware, ESET should have no issue stopping it in its tracks. ESET also offers great additional features. You can get a password manager, a data encryption feature, privacy/banking protection, and more.

ESET’s design is very sleek and modern, with the company’s signature humanoid featured in the home window. The interface is pretty regular for anti-virus programs. Features are clearly sectioned to make navigating easier so users shouldn’t find the program confusing. And while it’s operating, it shouldn’t be particularly noticeable. It works silently in the background without disrupting regular computer use, whether it’s scanning or casually monitoring.

Subscription price

For home users, ESET offers three subscription plans, depending on what features you need. The most basic one is the Essential Protection ESET NOD32 Antivirus. For AU$49.95/year, you would get malware, ransomware, and phishing protection for 1 device (Windows or macOS). The Advanced Protection ESET Internet Security plan costs AU$59.95/year for one Windows, macOS, or Android device. In addition to protection against malware, ransomware, and phishing, you get privacy and banking protection, and network and smart devices protection. ESET’s most expensive plan is the Ultimate Protection ESET Smart Security Premium. For AU$79.95/year, you can use the program on one Windows, macOS, or Android device. The subscription includes all of the features included in the other plans, as well as protection against new threats, a password manager, and sensitive data encryption. For all plans, adding additional devices costs an additional AU$10/year. We should also mention that these plans renew automatically for convenience. So if you want to avoid getting charged again, make sure to cancel your subscription in time.


Romanian cybersecurity company Bitdefender has been in the industry for over 20 years now, and its anti-virus program is currently protecting millions of users worldwide. Bitdefender is more than just a typical anti-virus program, its additional features make it into a sophisticated tool that ensures complete protection.

Bitdefender release decryptor for GandCrab versions

Bitdefender provides great security for computers by detecting/removing a wide range of malicious threats, including spyware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, ransomware, etc. Over the years, it has added millions of threats into its database and continues to do so on a regular basis. This allows the program to deal with even the most recent threats. Bitdefender has also won numerous awards for its great detection rates. And its extra features provide even more security. The additional features are part of Bitdefender’s more expensive plans but they are pretty great. They include anti-phishing, webcam/microphone protection, a privacy firewall, a device optimization feature, and more.

As far as design goes, Bitdefender is pretty standard. It has a modern, sleek look and is quite easy to use. It’s easy to navigate the program, launching scans and accessing additional features is also simple. Having a user-friendly interface is essential for anti-virus programs because users of all skill levels use them, and Bitdefender is certainly successful in this regard. And like most anti-virus programs nowadays, it works in the background without causing performance issues. Whether it’s actively scanning or merely monitoring for incoming threats, you should not notice.

Subscription price

The four Bitdefender subscriptions offer different features, so if you only need protection against malware, you can save money. The most basic subscription is Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. A subscription for 3 devices costs AU$41.81/the first year, then AU$83.63/year. By purchasing it, you get anti-virus protection for your devices, as well as the anti-phishing feature. The Bitdefender Internet Security plan has more features. For AU$55.74/the first year, then AU$111.52/year, you get anti-virus protection for 3 devices, the anti-phishing feature, the Privacy Firewall, and microphone and webcam protection. If you need to use the program on more than 3 devices, try the Bitdefender Total Security plan. It costs AU$54.89/the first year, then AU$125.46/year, and you get all the features included in the previous two plans, as well as a device optimizer. The most expensive plan is the Bitdefender Premium Security plan. It costs AU$89.61/the first year, then AU$209.11/year. For this price, you get all features included in the previous plans, as well as an unlimited VPN. We should also mention that these plans renew automatically for convenience. So if you want to avoid getting charged again, make sure to cancel your subscription in time.


Kaspersky is an anti-virus program developed by Russian security company Kaspersky Lab. The company has been operating for over 25 years now, and Kaspersky’s early anti-virus solution was considered to be one of the best, which allowed the company to expand all over the world. Since then, Kaspersky has been developed into a sophisticated security tool that not only protects computers against infections but also offers great additional features for extra security.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky’s significant malware database allows it to detect a wide range of infections. And since the database is updated regularly, Kaspersky anti-virus will pick up on even recently-released threats. Just to name a few, it will detect threats like spyware, trojans, keyloggers, viruses, ransomware, etc. And the anti-phishing feature will alert you about malicious/phishing sites/emails to stop you from giving away your sensitive information to cybercriminals. There are also great extra features, though the majority of them are part of Kaspersky’s more expensive plans. Depending on which subscription you choose, you can get access to features like a VPN, file protection, an adblocker, payment protection, etc.

Kaspersky’s design is very typical of that of an anti-virus program. That’s certainly not a bad thing because this kind of design is clearly what works best for users. The interface is very user-friendly and allows for easy navigation. All features are easily accessible so users of all skill levels should have no issues using the program. The program is also very silent. It works in the background quite efficiently but does not disrupt your regular usage. So even when it’s actively scanning your computer, you should not notice any resource hogging.

Subscription price

For home users, Kaspersky offers three subscription plans. For the features it offers, Kaspersky is a very inexpensive program, especially with the current 50% discounts. The cheapest option is the Essential Suite Kaspersky Anti-Virus. With the current 50% discount, the price is AU$19.95/year for 1PC. The subscription includes real-time anti-virus protection, an anti-phishing feature, and a performance optimizer. For more features, you may be interested in the Advanced Suite Kaspersky Internet Security subscription. With the 50% discount, the price is AU$20.94/year for 1 device. It contains real-time anti-virus, anti-phishing, performance optimization, payment protection, a VPN, an adblocker, private browsing, webcam protection, adult content blocker, and screen-time management. To get additional features like a GPS Child-locator, File protection, and a password manager, you would need to buy the Premium Suite Kaspersky Total Security for AU$29.95/year for 1 device. For all plans, you have the option to choose the subscription length and device amount as well. We should also mention that these plans renew automatically for convenience. So if you want to avoid getting charged again, make sure to cancel your subscription in time.

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