If want to use the best VPN in South Korea, you will come across a lot of options. But our recommended choice is NordVPN. Not only is it one of the best VPN services in South Korea, but in general as well.



Whether you’re looking for privacy, access to censored content, or if you just want to access geo-blocked streaming platforms, a VPN is the ideal tool. There are a lot of options for you choose from, which can make choosing the best VPN in South Korea difficult.

If you want to choose the best VPN in South Korea, below is all you need to know.

What makes a VPN the best VPN in South Korea

VPN servers in South Korea

Ideally, a VPN should have a large network of servers. The more servers there are, the less congested they will be, especially ones in popular locations. If you need a South Korea VPN address, choose a tool with a lot of VPN servers in South Korea.

Audited no-logs policy

The Privacy Policy of a VPN is something we always recommend reading, or at least skimming through. It contains very important information about whether a VPN collects data and how it handles it. No decent VPN will collect data related to users’ online activities because that’s exactly what users try to escape by using VPNs. If a VPN keeps logs of users’ browsing histories, they’re essentially useless. The only information that a VPN can keep is the data necessary to maintain an account.

You also need to check whether your chosen VPN’s privacy policy has been audited by an independent party. These audits are proof that the no-data collection claims are legitimate.

A lot of free VPNs claim to not track users or log any data only to do the opposite so you need to be careful in your selection.

Strong encryption

VPNs encrypt traffic to make it unreadable to all parties who may otherwise be able to read it (e.g. the Internet Service Provider). When you connect to a VPN server, your traffic goes through an encryption tunnel, and what comes out is unreadable data. Most VPNs will use military-grade AES-256 encryption to encrypt users’ data. It’s strong encryption that’s practically unbreakable.


If you’re after the best VPN in South Korea, you need to choose the one that offers the best speeds. VPNs naturally slow down the Internet but to what extent depends on the VPN. This is especially relevant to users who have a slower Internet connection. A VPN that manages to retain at least 80-90% of the original speed is best.

NordVPN – our recommended choice for the best VPN in South Korea

NordVPN is at the top of the list when it comes to the best VPN in South Korea, and in general. It includes all the necessary features and more. It’s also very affordable and easy to use. Here are the main things you need to know about NordVPN:

10+ VPN servers in South Korea. If you require a South Korea VPN address, you, of course, need a VPN that has VPN servers in South Korea. NordVPN can offer 10+ VPN servers in South Korea, and 5,900+ servers in 60+ countries. It’s a pretty significant server network, which means servers should be less congested.

Military-grade encryption. NordVPN uses a combination of AES-256 and ChaCha20 encryption for encrypting users’ traffic and protecting it from parties who may otherwise be able to read it. This type of encryption is essentially undecipherable so you can be sure that your traffic will be secure.

Audited no-logs policy. NordVPN’s privacy policy clearly states that users’ browsing data is not logged, stored, or shared with anyone. It does not collect any information unless it is necessary to maintain your account. Because NordVPN has been audited several times by independent parties, there is proof that unnecessary data is not collected.

Extra features. Included in NordVPN is an automatically enabled kill switch that will keep your IP address from leaking if you’re disconnected from the VPN unexpectedly. Another useful feature is split tunneling, it will allow you to choose which traffic to send through the encryption tunnel and which can reach the Internet normally.

All NordVPN subscription plans come with extra features. The cheapest plan comes with an adblocker and a malware detection feature, while the more expensive plans have a cross-platform password manager, a data breach scanner, and 1TB of cloud storage. These excellent extra features are one of the reasons why NordVPN is the best VPN in South Korea and our recommended option.

If you use NordVPN, you will also be able to access geo-restricted streaming services and their locked content libraries. That includes Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and more. If you want to unblock a specific country’s content library, connect to that country’s server. If you specifically need a South Korea VPN address to access Netflix South Korea, connect to a VPN South Korea server.

NordVPN also offers dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting.

Fast VPN in South Korea. NordVPN’s impressive ability to retain 90% of users’ original speed is one of the reasons why we consider it to be the best VPN in South Korea. It may not make much of a difference if you have really fast Internet, but for users with a slower connection, this is essential.

The encryption protocol used by a VPN impacts Internet speed. You can access NordVPN settings and switch encryption protocols to see which ones give you the best speed. However, what makes NordVPN such a fast VPN in South Korea is the NordLynx encryption protocol, which should ensure the best speeds.

Subscription price. NordVPN is not a free South Korea VPN so if you want to use its features, you will need a subscription. It offers three subscription plans, with different features offered. Long-term subscriptions have excellent discounts all year round, and you could get a subscription for as cheap as $2.99/month.

South Korea VPN free. Unfortunately, NordVPN does not have a free South Korea VPN version. If you have an Android device, you can initiate a 7-day free trial. Initiating the trial requires an Android device but it can be used on all OSs. If you need a longer trial, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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