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Combo Cleaner review

If you’re in the market for a new anti-virus program and are thinking about trying Combo Cleaner, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to find out more about its features and performance.

What is Combo Cleaner?

Combo Cleaner is an anti-virus program with extra features to keep a computer running smoothly. It can detect and remove a wide range of threats, including adware, browser hijackers, potentially unwanted programs, trojans, malware, worms, viruses, spyware, and even ransomware. It also works as a system optimizer and can free up space on your computer.

Combo Cleaner features

Combo Cleaner is primarily an anti-virus program. It will detect and remove malware from your device, both new and old. Its database is updated regularly so it will be able to detect even the most recently released threats. Its anti-malware feature will monitor for incoming malware threats and stop any attempts to infect your computer.

The anti-ransomware feature will also guard your computer and files against ransomware. Ransomware is steadily becoming one of the main threats users face today so it’s important to have reliable anti-ransomware protection. Combo Cleaner allows you to select folders that will be protected from encryption in case ransomware is able to get in.

The Web browsing protection feature will protect you from various threats while you’re browsing the Internet. It will block scams, phishing attempts, malicious downloads, as well as warn you about rogue websites.

In addition to protecting your computer from malicious threats, Combo Cleaner will also help keep your computer in good health. It will find and remove big and duplicate files, potentially freeing up a lot of space.

Combo Cleaner performance

Anti-virus programs have a bad reputation for causing computer performance issues, especially when doing a scan. The reputation was certainly deserved in the past but it’s rarely an issue nowadays unless users are using very old computers that are slow in general.

Combo Cleaner is a very capable program that does not burden the system. Whether it’s scanning your computer or just monitoring for incoming threats, you will not notice its presence. Because Combo Cleaner is also a cleaning program, it could also help speed up your computer. However, only if the slowdown is caused by a lack of space on your device.

Combo Cleaner user interface and design

A user-friendly interface, as well as a pleasing design, are essential to anti-virus programs. If users find an anti-virus program difficult to use, they will either switch to a different program or not use one at all.

Combo Cleaner is pretty easy to use. The program’s main screen (aka the Dashboard) has a scan section, displays real-time protection settings and disk cleaning tools, as well as shows available disk space, RAM, and CPU usage. You can navigate the program from the Dashboard. The overall design is pretty simplistic and quite pleasing to the eye.

Combo Cleaner free download

Combo Cleaner does have a free version but it has limited functionality. The free Combo Cleaner version can scan your computer for duplicate and big files and remove them, freeing up more space on your computer. However, the virus detection/removal feature is only available to those who buy a subscription. Combo Cleaner offers two plans. If you need Combo Cleaner for only one device, the price is €8.99/month, with you being billed €53.95/6 months. A subscription plan for up to 5 devices is €14.99/month, with you being billed €89.95/6 months. Keep in mind that both subscriptions renew automatically every six months so you will be billed again. If you do not want to be charged again, you will have to cancel the subscription manually. While there is no free trial, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you do not like the program, you can get your money back.

Combo Cleaner overview

Overall, Combo Cleaner is a powerful anti-malware tool that will keep your computer safe from a wide range of threats. Above all, its anti-malware feature will keep your files safe from encryption. Your computer will be monitored at all times to ensure that no malware can get in. Combo Cleaner will also help free up space by locating and removing large/duplicate files.

The program is easy to use and has a nice interface/design, so users of all skill levels should have no trouble using it. It’s not a free program, even though the cleaning features are free. Compared to other anti-malware programs, it’s a bit pricier but you can get various discounts. Again, we do not recommend downloading Combo Cleaner crack because you could end up with a serious malware infection.

If you’re looking for a capable anti-virus program that keeps your computer and files safe from malware, Combo Cleaner is a great choice.

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