is a deceptive website that currently hosts a Mr. Beast giveaway scam. You can be redirected to this site either by adware or by high-risk websites. The website is currently hosting a giveaway scam operated by scammers impersonating Mr. Beast, a well-known YouTuber famous for giving away big sums of money and expensive items. This particular Mr. Beast giveaway scam is used to deceive people into downloading dubious programs and disclosing their banking information. According to this scam, you have won $1,000 for following Mr. Beast and will receive the money if you provide your information. Because Mr. Beast is known for giving away money, this scam may prove to work on some users. It goes without saying that Mr. Beast is in no way related to this scam, his name/brand is merely misused by cybercriminals. If users fall for it, malicious actors may be able to make unauthorized purchases using their payment card information. scam


Your browser may randomly redirect you to this scam and you would be greeted with a cartoon image of Mr. Beast and a message saying that $1,000 has been reserved for you as thanks for following Mr. Beast. If you scroll down, you will see fake comments claiming they have received the promised $1,000.

($ / AUD / CAD/ £ / €)

To claim, for every visitor
who visit this page!

Thank you for following us.
$1,000 has now been reserved for you
Step 1: Click the “CLAIM REWARD” button below

Step 2: Enter and complete our Official Sponsor Tasks.

Step 3: You are required to have an online bank account in order to receive the prize (Paypal / CashApp / Venmo / Zelle / Revolut etc).

If you interact with the scam and click “Claim Reward”, you would be taken to a website that asks you to create an account. To supposedly verify the account, you are asked to type in your full name, address, and payment card information (including all the necessary data to make online purchases). You certainly won’t get the promised $1,000 if you fill in this information. Instead, the successfully phished information would be sent to the malicious actors. They would either use the information themselves to make unauthorized purchases or they would sell it to other cybercriminals. scam (2)

It’s important to note that giveaways of this kind are always scams. Legitimate giveaways do not work this way. And companies like Google, Facebook, etc., do not host giveaways. Because Mr. Beast is known to give money to random people, it could work to convince some users. However, even a giveaway by Mr. Beast would not be announced via a random website. It would likely be announced via social media or YouTube.

You can safely ignore any alerts or notifications that tell you that you have won something. If you interact with them, you risk providing malicious actors access to your banking and personal information.

Why are you redirected to such scams?

There are several reasons why you could be redirected to questionable websites. Those who visit certain high-risk websites frequently get randomly redirected. Redirects generally occur when users interact with anything on websites that have pirated or pornographic content. Fortunately, this problem would go away if you were to install an adblocker program.

Redirects can occasionally be triggered by infections like adware. When compared to other types of infections like trojans and ransomware, adware is not a serious issue. Dealing with it, though, can become really frustrating. Because of the software bundling method, users frequently unintentionally install adware and similar infections. Free programs can come with additional offers (usually adware and browser hijackers) that are preselected to install alongside without requiring any explicit permission from users. Because of this, software bundling is a rather controversial installation method, and programs that use it are flagged by anti-virus programs as potential threats.

The offers are optional, but users still need to explicitly uncheck them if they don’t want them to install. However, because the extra offers are hidden in settings users don’t usually use, many users struggle with this. This shouldn’t be a problem if you know how to correctly install free software. The most crucial step is selecting Advanced (Custom) settings when prompted rather than Default. All added offers will install with the program if you use Default settings as suggested by the installation window. The offers will be made visible if you opt for Advanced settings, and you will have the option to deselect all of them. Just unchecking the boxes next to these offers is enough to stop them from installing.

Allowing an added offer to install is not recommended, even if it initially seems like it could be useful. If you allow these useless installations, your computer will be flooded with unwanted programs. Even though they are not particularly malicious, these infections can cause problems when they are removed. It’s significantly easier to just uncheck a couple of boxes during installation than it is to remove fully installed adware infections. scam removal

If you were redirected to by a website you were visiting, you don’t need to do anything besides install an adblocker program to block these redirects in the future. If you interacted with this scam and provided your payment card information, you need to immediately contact your bank to cancel your card before any unauthorized transactions are performed by scammers.

We would also recommend scanning your computer with an anti-virus program in case an adware infection is what’s causing the issues. Removing adware is easiest using anti-virus software because the program does everything.

Site Disclaimer is not sponsored, owned, affiliated, or linked to malware developers or distributors that are referenced in this article. The article does not promote or endorse any type of malware. We aim at providing useful information that will help computer users to detect and eliminate the unwanted malicious programs from their computers. This can be done manually by following the instructions presented in the article or automatically by implementing the suggested anti-malware tools.

The article is only meant to be used for educational purposes. If you follow the instructions given in the article, you agree to be contracted by the disclaimer. We do not guarantee that the artcile will present you with a solution that removes the malign threats completely. Malware changes constantly, which is why, in some cases, it may be difficult to clean the computer fully by using only the manual removal instructions.

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