About KIO KOREA Email Virus

KIO KOREA Email Virus refers to a malspam campaign that misuses the KIO Korea name to trick users into opening malicious email attachments. The malware hidden in these fake KIO Korea emails is Agent Tesla Remote Access Trojan (RAT), a piece of malware that essentially allows its operators to take control of the infected device.

KIO KOREA Email Virus

The email carrying this malware addresses you as a “Customer” and proceeds to, in awkward English, say that you need to open the attached file in order to review the supposed “order confirmation”. This is a very common tactic used by cyber criminals to force users into opening attachments, as users are quick to react when it comes to topics about money. To make the email seem more legitimate, the sender pretends to be from KIO Korea, a legitimate company. Once the file attachment is opened, the Agent Tesla RAT will initiate and start its malicious activities. RAT malware is particularly dangerous because it allows remote access to the infected computers for its operators. From there on, the malicious actors can steal information and/or install additional malware.

Fortunately, the malware is well known, so anti-virus software will have no trouble with KIO KOREA Email Virus removal. If you have anti-virus already installed, it should pick up on the infection immediately. If you don’t have one installed, download it as soon as possible to prevent serious damage to your computer.

Opening the attached file initiates Agent Tesla RAT

If you open the attached file, you will essentially initiate the malware that’s hidden in it. In this case, it’s the Agent Tesla remote access trojan. As can be said from the name “remote access trojan”, the malware allows its operators remote access to the infected computer, in this case – yours. Once they have access, they can perform a variety of malicious activities. For example, they may install additional malware, such as ransomware. Ransomware would encrypt your files, taking them for hostage, and then demand that you pay for their decryption. Agent Tesla RAT could also record what you type, aka steal your passwords. This could allow cyber criminals access to your social media, email and even bank accounts. It could also steal other personal information, as well as sensitive documents.

Overall, Agent Tesla RAT is a dangerous piece of malware that you need to get rid of immediately.

How to recognize a malicious email

Unless someone is targeted specifically, malicious emails are usually easily identifiable. One of the first signs of a potentially malicious email is a random-looking email address. It’s very rare for spam email addresses to look even remotely legitimate, they’re usually made up of random letters and numbers. Do not open email attachments that come from such email addresses, as they’ll more likely than not be malicious.

Another rather obvious sign is how you are addressed. The KIO KOREA Email Virus makes it seem like you had business with the company before, meaning they should know your name. No professional company ever address someone they do business with as “Customer”, “Member”, “User”, etc. You will always be addressed by your name, whether it’s your bank, a company you do business with, etc., who send you an email.

Another sign is grammar and spelling mistakes. Malicious email are usually full of them, whether it’s done on purpose or not. Malicious emails also often have awkward phrasing and appear off in general.

Even when everything in an email checks out and you’re convinced is safe to open the attachment, we still highly recommend scanning the attachment with anti-virus software or VirusTotal.

KIO KOREA Email Virus removal

The email is harmless as long as you do not open the attachment and/or click on any links in it. You can just remove KIO KOREA Email Virus from your inbox. However, if you have opened the attached file, you need to scan your computer with anti-virus software immediately. The Agent Tesla RAT is a widely known malware so any of the popular anti-virus programs will detect and remove it. It will also detect any additional malicious software that may have been installed by the cyber criminals operating Agent Tesla RAT.

Once your computer is malware-free, we encourage you to change all your passwords, or at least for accounts you care about.

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