What is the TikTok Verified Badge Generator scam

TikTok Verified Badge Generator scam refers to scam websites that claim to be able to grant TikTok users the verified badge. In reality, these sites are promoting fake giveaways and other scams that could be trying to phish personal information. TikTok Verified Badge Generator scam

Like many social media and similar sites, TikTok verifies popular accounts that meet certain criteria. Verified accounts have a blue tick next to their username, and it’s a sought-after thing among TikTok accounts that create content. Users who may be unsuccessful in getting TikTok to verify their account may try other means, such as highly questionable websites that claim to give out the blue tick, despite being entirely unrelated to TikTok. Users who fall for these scams are often redirected to highly questionable websites that show various scams, most of which will claim that users have won some kind of prize. These are called giveaway scams and their main purpose is to trick users into revealing their personal information, such as name, phone number, date of birth, home address, email, etc. This acquired personal information is later used to perform more elaborate scams.

The sites themselves are usually not malicious, in the sense that they’re not hiding malware. So if you have visited one, nothing probably happened. Though we do suggest scanning your computer with anti-malware software in case adware is why you ended up on a site displaying this scam. If it is adware, you’d need to get rid of it to remove TikTok Verified Badge Generator scam redirects.

Adware could redirect to sites displaying this scam

If you were looking for ways to get your TikTok account verified, it’s entirely possible that you stumbled upon one of these websites yourself. If that is the case, you should know that only TikTok can verify an account, and they must meet certain criteria to receive the blue tick.

However, if you are randomly redirected to sites with these scams, your computer could be infected with some kind of adware. It’s a relatively minor infection, though its redirects make it a very annoying one. Adware often comes attached to free software as an extra offer, and if users fail to deselect it, it’s permitted to install alongside the program without requiring any additional permission.

If you want to correctly install freeware in the future, you need to pay attention to the process. During installation, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings instead of Default. Advanced will make all offers visible, and you will be able to deselect them. If you use Default settings, all offers will be hidden from you and permitted to install. Keep in mind that the majority of free programs will come with these added offers, so you always need to pay attention. Otherwise, you computer will quickly fill up with junk programs that negatively affect your computer.

TikTok Verified Badge Generator scam sites promote fake giveaways

When you get redirected to or visit sites like tiktokverified.xyz and similar, you will see a supposed TikTok Verified Badge Generator. According to the site, all you need to do is type in your TikTok username and press Generate Badge. This will supposedly automatically make your account verified. This is, as is obvious, not true. What will happen if you press Generate Badge is you’ll see a loading window and then get redirected to a website that displays some kind of scam, likely a giveaway scam.

The purpose of these giveaway scams is to get users to reveal their personal information. If users follow the instructions of the scam and complete the survey, they will be falsely informed that they have won some kind of prize. The scam will then try to get users to reveal information like their full names, dates of birth, home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. If users grant that information, they will likely become targets of future scams, though more elaborate ones.

For future reference, keep in mind that every single one of these “You have won” or “You have a chance of winning” pop-ups will be scams. Companies do not host giveaways this way. If they were to do one, it would be announced via official channels.

TikTok Verified Badge Generator scam removal

If you visited the site yourself, you don’t need to do anything. However, if you are constantly redirected to it, your computer has adware, which you need to get rid of to permanently delete TikTok Verified Badge Generator scam redirects. We recommend using anti-spyware software for that.

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