If you have a PDF file and want to convert it to a Word document, there are a couple of ways you can do that. There are plenty of websites that offer you to do that. You can search for them using a search engine. Once you enter the website, you just need to upload the PDF file, select the Word format and click Convert. Once the conversion process is complete, you should be able to download the converted file and open it Word.

How to Convert PDF to Word in 5 Seconds

You can also convert PDF to Word offline, without having to access the Internet. It can be done via Adobe Acrobat but you have to have the paid version. If you do, here’s how to convert PDF to Word.

  • Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Press ‘File‘ on the top right corner and select ‘Save As‘.

How to Convert PDF to Word in 2 Seconds

  • Select where you want to save the file to, and choose ‘Microsoft Word Document‘ in the ‘Save as type‘ section, near the bottom of the window.
  • Go to where you saved the file. The converted Word document should be there.

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