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URBrowser Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

What is URBrowser?

URBrowser is a browser developed by AdaptiveBee. URBrowser is real browser that many users are happy with and we are in no way stating that you need to remove URBrowser because it poses danger to your computer. It could be working perfectly fine. However, it has been noticed that some potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) are bundled together with URBrowser. This is referred to as the bundling method. This means that when you install URBrowser, you might also end up installing some sort of unwanted application. This browser is not spreading any viruses that you should be concerned about but PUP can be frustrating to deal with. Continue reading


Potentially Unwanted Application


LUDASHI is a Chinese system optimizer tool, considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to its questionable features. Because it is a legitimate program, you can download it from the official website. However, it seems to be able to spread via software bundles as well. That means that it’s attached to free software and some users might not notice it being there. Continue reading

ByteFence Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

About ByteFence

ByteFence is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), advertised as a capable anti-malware program. Because it is real software, you can obtain it from their official website ( However, it can also enter your computer along with software bundles, which means you can unknowingly install it. It is not malicious but it does have a few dubious features. It will change your browser’s settings without your knowledge, and that may be alarming. Even though ByteFence is perfectly legitimate, you should not trust programs that sneak into your computer without your knowledge. There are much more capable programs that can do the same things, so we suggest you uninstall ByteFence from your computer. Continue reading

One SystemCare Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

About One SystemCare

One SystemCare is promoted as a system optimization tool but is considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It might suddenly appear on your browser because it is distributed via free software, which allows it to install alongside it. It is not malicious itself but it will attempt to scam you into buying something you do not need. Once it installs onto your computer, it will perform a computer scan and when it finds countless issues, it will ask that you buy the full version to fix them. Inexperienced users might fall for this trick as One SystemCare looks entirely legitimate and that is the main goal of One SystemCare developers. One SystemCare will not help your computer, it will only frustrate you. You have no use of this program, which is why you should uninstall One SystemCare. Continue reading

PC Clean Plus Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

What is PC Clean Plus?

PC Clean Plus is an application that should clean your computer. It should delete system-related errors, com and active x errors, user-related errors, and startup and uninstall errors. At least, it says so. Specialists have decided to find out whether it is really true, so they have checked this application. Research has shown that PC Clean Plus is not a perfect PC optimization tool. Instead, it is just a potentially unwanted program that might cause problems. Therefore, the sooner you delete PC Clean Plus from your computer, the better. PC Clean Plus is far from a malicious application, so it should not be very hard to uninstall PC Clean Plus from the computer. Of course, we recommend reading this article before starting the deletion process. Continue reading

Remove Event Monitor by SYS SECURE PC SOFTWARE

Potentially Unwanted Application

What is Event Monitor by SYS SECURE PC SOFTWARE?

Event Monitor by SYS SECURE PC SOFTWARE, also known as simply Event Monitor, falls into the category of potentially unwanted applications. It may also exhibit behavior associated with adware. It is important for you to know that there is no reason why you should keep this program installed, especially considering the fact that it most likely entered your PC without your notice. Potentially unwanted apps often use the bundling method to spread on the Internet. We advise that you terminate Event Monitor by SYS SECURE without further delay. Continue reading