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Remove Advance System Care

Potentially Unwanted Application

About this threat

Advance System Care is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that poses as a legitimate security tool. You can obtain it via free software bundles, which means you do not even notice it entering your computer. Once it’s in, it will initiate a scan and inform you of all kinds of issues found on your system. As would any legitimate security program, it will offer to fix those issues. However, you’d need to buy the full version of it. Continue reading

Magic PC Cleaner Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

What is Magic PC Cleaner?

Magic PC Cleaner is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that is promoted as a system optimizer. It is one of those programs that installs without your permission and then tries to convince you that your computer has many issues. It offers to resolve them but not for free, of course. If you do not remember downloading this program, then it could have entered your computer along with free software bundles. This is a very common method because otherwise no one would install those kinds of programs. If you find it on your computer, there is no need to be too alarmed because it will not do any harm. However, do not buy the program and instead, delete Magic PC Cleaner. Continue reading

Amazon Assistant Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

What is Amazon Assistant?

Amazon Assistant is an application that has nothing in common with the legitimate program developed by, Inc. Specifically speaking, it is a browser extension developed by Spigot which should help users find the best deals on It can work on all popular web browsers, but the majority of reports are coming from Google Chrome users, so specialists believe that it targets Chrome users mainly. Continue reading

Yet Another Cleaner Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

What is YAC?

YAC, or Yet Another Cleaner, is a fraudulent Windows optimization tool. It does have an interface of a trustworthy program, but specialists have still agreed upon calling it an untrustworthy program after long considerations. Its main drawback is that it might show fake scan results, display irritating pop-ups on users’ screens, and even change browsers’ settings without their knowledge or permission. Continue reading

Keylogger SkyNeos Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

About Keylogger SkyNeos

SkyNeos is a keylogger that is created with the intention of recording key strokes. Keyloggers are nasty pieces of malware that enter and work silently so you might not even know one has infected your computer. Identifying such threats is why having active anti-malware software on your computer is so essential. If you have no security program, you are in danger of harboring all kinds malware infections. You could have picked up the keylogger if you used Torrents or opened a malicious email attachment. If the keylogger goes unnoticed, it will start recording your keystrokes. You are essentially exposing yourself to cyber criminals, who could gain access to your banking details, various accounts and private information. If you have any suspicion that your computer could be infected, obtain anti-malware software immediately and scan your computer. Delete Keylogger SkyNeos as soon as it is found. Continue reading Removal

Potentially Unwanted Application

What is

Media Fire Trend is the potentially unwanted application with which the browser hijacker enters computer systems. It is promoted as a tool that can help you find and download files online. Its main goal, however, has to do with generating web traffic and earning revenue for the company that it belongs to. In addition to changing your browser settings, the hijacker also causes other troubles like flooding you with adverts, rerouting you to unfamiliar pages, slowing down your surfing, and more. We suggest that you waste no time and eliminate right away. Continue reading