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Is MacKeeper a virus?

MacKeeper is not a virus, nor is it a scam. While there are various opinions about the program on the Internet, a lot of the people who so notoriously hate the program have never used it, and are just spreading the opinion of some users.

MacKeeper Review

MacKeeper is not a virus, nor is it a scam. It is trusted anti-virus software for Macs,

If you feel that your computer could benefit from a program like MacKeeper, it is worth a try. While not the cheapest of programs, it could speed up your Mac by deleting junk and unnecessary files, free up some space and keep you safe from adware programs.

 What is MacKeeper?

MacKeeper is a cleaning utility software, developed by Zeobit but sold to Kromtech Alliance Corp in 2015. MacKeeper is perhaps one of the most controversial apps for a Mac computer (Forbes), with very divided reviews. Before we proceed to the review, it’s probably helpful to clear up that MacKeeper is not a virus. It uses a very aggressive marketing method which puts off a lot of users and is one of the reasons why it’s so widely criticized. However, that does not make it a malicious program.

MacKeeper is a fully functional cleaning utility, which offers loads of different features, from freeing up space of your Mac to recovering accidentally deleted files. It has a user-friendly interface, is easy to operate, does not noticeably impact your Mac’s performance and helps keep the computer clean. However, it’s not a free program, so if you are looking for a free cleanup tool for your Mac, MacKeeper might not be it. Let’s take a look at the features that the program offers. This MacKeeper review also includes prices and plan choices if you are interested.

MacKeeper Review

MacKeeper Memory Cleaner

MacKeeper describes the Memory Cleaner as a feature that is used to optimize and clean Mac’s RAM, which is where data from current Mac sessions is stored. The feature will allow you to clean the RAM and increase the number of processes that run on the Mac.

MacKeeper Memory Cleaner

Operating this feature is fairly easy, you just need to pick the feature from the menu on the right and press Start Using Memory Cleaner. The program will show you the amount of RAM installed on your Mac computer. A scan will show you how much of it is used and how much is free. If you use the Clean Memory Quickly, it will free up some RAM, which could have a positive impact on your computer’s performance. When testing this feature, around 200 MB was cleaned up and we did notice a slight improvement in performance.

However, do not expect huge changes if you are using an older computer. Old machines slow down over time, and cleaning memory will not have much of a difference.

MacKeeper File Recovery

The File Recovery feature is an interesting one, and can be of use to quite a few people. According to MacKeeper, it can restore accidentally deleted files, even if they were emptied from the Trash. The tool is pretty easy to use, you just need to launch a scan that will look for recoverable files. When tested, the scan did take a while to complete, but MacKeeper does warn about that. Overall, a fairly good feature that will benefit those who have ever accidentally deleted important files.

MacKeeper File Recovery

MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller

This feature uninstalls programs and all of its components. Granted, uninstalling programs on a Mac is a relatively hassle-free process as you just need to drag the program from the Applications folder to the Trash, and then empty it. However, even if the program had been deleted, there may be some leftover files (preferences, cache and logs) still remaining on your computer. MacKeeper would delete the program for you and then scan the device for any leftover files, which would also be removed. Eliminating these no longer necessary files could free up some space on your Mac, but it likely will not make much of difference unless you are very short on space.

MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller

MacKeeper Adware protection

This is a great feature for those who have no security software installed. While Macs are pretty safe from malware, adware programs definitely affect them. Adware is the annoying program that causes ads to constantly pop up as you browse. MacKeeper will scan your computer for any programs that are causing ads to appear on your screen, and will advise about what do with them.

MacKeeper Adware protection


We did not notice any decline in computer’s performance while MacKeeper was operating, which is a huge plus. Since it does not slow down the computer, it can work in the background and not disrupt your usual activity. The program also has a user-friendly interface, which means everyone can use it to its full capabilities.

MacKeeper is not for everyone but if it has features that help keep your Mac functioning well, there is no reason why you should not continue to use it. And if you are looking for a program that could potentially improve your Mac’s performance and keep it clean from junk files and unwanted programs, MacKeeper might be for you. However, do keep in mind that MacKeeper is not free. Is MacKeeper price worth it? You be the judge of that.

MacKeeper Price

MacKeeper is a paid program and offers prepaid as well as month-to-month plans. MacKeeper price

  • MacKeeper Premium+

If you are willing to pay 24 months worth of license in one go, the program would cost you €4.95 for one month, which equals to €118.80 (plus €24.95 for tax) for 24 months. This MacKeeper Premium+ plan gives access to all features, including full version activation, anti-theft tracking, security updates, personal tech advisor, 24/7 expert support and all-in-one system utility.

  • MacKeeper Premium

The MacKeeper Premium 12-month prepaid plan costs €94.40 (plus €20.03 for tax), which is €7.95 per month. It includes the same features as the Premium+ plan.

  • MacKeeper Standard

The MacKeeper Standard plan is a 6-month prepaid plan that costs €59.64 (plus €12.52 for tax), which is €9.94 per month. Unlike the two previous plans, Standard only offers all-in-one system utility, full version activation and anti-theft tracking. Users with this plan will not have security updates, personal tech advisor and 24/7 expert support.

  • MacKeeper Basic

The MacKeeper Basic month-to-month plan costs €14.94 (plus €3.14 for tax) per month. Unlike all the prepaid plans, this 1 month plan only offers you all-in-one system security. All other features are not included in the plan. If you try to buy this plan, you just might be offered a big discount on the prepaid plans, however.

€18.09 (€14.95 + €3.14 of tax) per month for a utility software is quite a lot of money, so the Basic plan may not be the best choice, particularly because it does not offer the features you get with a prepaid plan. So you are planning on buying MacKeeper, prepaid plans would be a better option. But you should also be on the lookout for MacKeeper discounts because you could get as much as 50% off. You can also use a MacKeeper coupon code if you have one.

How to remove MacKeeper

  1. Go to the Applications folder on your Mac.
  2. Drag the MacKeeper app to the Trash.
  3. You may be prompted for your administrator’s password. Enter it, click OK, and the MacKeeper app will move to the Trash.
  4. Another pop-up will appear that is very similar to the previous one. It asks if you are sure you want to uninstall MacKeeper. Enter your password and click OK.

Download Mackeeper

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