What is ExtendedTask

ExtendedTask infection is adware that will try to make revenue by subjecting you to advertisements. We should mention that adware isn’t a serious computer infection, if you compare it to others. Adware is aggravating to deal with but it is not particularly harmful. Increased amount of pop-ups and ads, as well as random redirects to strange websites are the adware symptoms you should notice immediately. Take into account that even if adware itself isn’t exactly damaging, the adverts it displays likely are. Advertisements displayed by adware might expose you to tech-support scams, malicious software, and false giveaways. ProgressStart adware

Software bundling is usually how adware infects a device. Infections such as adware are attached to free program as additional offers, and are allowed to install alongside. These added offers while not obligatory, are usually accidentally installed by uninformed users. It’s not difficult to prevent the nonessential installations, as long as you know how, and we’ll explain in the following section of the report.

How is adware distributed

The bundling method is normally used by adware because it wouldn’t be installed by anyone otherwise. Essentially, adware as well as other infections mostly come attached as additional offers to free programs, which is why they can install alongside. Software bundling is quite controversial as the added offers are set to install by default and hidden from users. Because users usually pay little attention to program installation processes, they end up missing those offers.

When installing programs in the future, we prompt you to pay attention to what you’re doing. At some point during the installation process, you will be asked which settings you wish to use, make sure you opt for Advanced. Those settings will show everything that has been added and give you the option of unchecking all of them.

Is adware damaging

If you compare it to severe malicious software, adware is not exactly the most damaging infection, but it isn’t harmless either. Adware could attach itself to popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox), and then expose you to dubious advertisements. Since adware made ads might be unsafe, it’s strongly suggested that you avoid clicking on any while adware remains installed. Be on the lookout for a couple of particularly unsafe kinds of adverts. Ads pressuring you into calling tech-support (tech-support scams), bogus giveaways, or advertisements advertising questionable programs and updates are just a few examples. Interacting with such advertisements may lead to your sensitive data stolen, as well as malware infections.

The adware is identified as ExtendedTask by virus removal software such as Avast, Kaspersky, Symantec, Malwarebytes, and AVG. If you have anti-virus installed on your device, it’s easiest to use it to remove ExtendedTask.

Ways to delete ExtendedTask

For users who have never removed applications, we would strongly encourage them to use anti-virus software for ExtendedTask deletion. ExtendedTask deletion may be possible but you may not see leftover files.

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