ZoomifyApp virus is what users call the ZoomifyApp potentially unwanted program (PUP) and adware. The app is advertised as an extension that will enhance the browsing experience but all it will do is show you loads of ads, hence why it’s classified as adware. It’s technically not a virus but users often refer to these kinds of programs as such. It’s not going to directly harm your computer but it will disrupt your browsing to an annoying extent. You will constantly see ads by ZoomifyApp, and that will significantly diminish your browsing experience instead of enhancing it as it claims to do. The ads it shows you could also be dangerous and potentially expose you to malicious content, such as malware and scams. Thus, to avoid a more serious infection, delete ZoomifyApp virus. ZoomifyApp virus

The program likely appeared out of the blue and you have no recollection of installing it. If that is the case, you likely are not aware that minor infections like this often come attached to free software as extra offers. The offers are set to install alongside unless users manually deselect them. In most cases, users don’t deselect them simply because they do not notice them. If you want to install free programs correctly in the future, proceed to the following section of the report.

Programs like ZoomifyApp virus install via free software bundles

Infections like ZoomifyApp virus use software bundling to install. Software bundling is essentially adding additional offers to free programs. Those offers are able to install alongside unless users manually prevent them. However, because they are hidden, most users end up missing them, thus allowing them to install. This is an especially popular method among unwanted program developers who wish to spread their programs widely. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to stop these unwanted offers from installing. All you need to do is opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option during installation. If you use Default, any added offer will install and you will not even notice. However, the offers are made visible in Advanced settings. If something has been added to the program you are installing, uncheck the boxes. Once you have done that, you can continue installing the program.

A lot of free programs come with these offers. If you don’t pay attention to how you install freeware, your computer will fill up with junk programs in no time. And it’s much easier to prevent the installations of these unwanted programs than it is to get rid of them later on.

Is ZoomifyApp virus dangerous?

While it’s advertised as something that will enhance your browsing experience, it’s nothing more than a pest that will bombard you with ads. It will attach itself to popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and constantly show ads. You will constantly see banners and pop-ups, even when on safe sites, and even get redirected.

If you notice this adware attached to your browser, avoid interacting with ads until you get rid of it. Adware generated ads are not safe and could potentially expose you to scams and malware. Be particularly careful with ads that encourage you to download some kind of program or claim you need to install an update. If you fall for this and download whatever is advertised, you’d end up with more PUPs on your computer.

You may also encounter ads claiming you have won something. These ads are nothing more than scams that aim to get your personal information. These scams usually offer great tech-prizes to attract victims and claim that the giveaway is hosted by a known company like Amazon, Google, or Facebook. You can safely ignore these ads.

How to remove ZoomifyApp virus

We strongly suggest using anti-spyware software for ZoomifyApp virus removal. The program would take care of everything and remove not only the program but also all associated files. You can uninstall ZoomifyApp virus manually but if you do not have much experience with uninstalling programs, you may want to use anti-spyware software. Once the infection is gone, your browser should no longer display ads by ZoomifyApp.

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