No one likes dealing with advertisements. They pop-up everywhere, advertise something we do not need and are not willing to buy, and in general, just interrupt your activities. In short, they are annoying. What is even more irritating, is advertisements popping up left and right when you are trying to unlock your phone. Android Ads Lock ScreenThis is what some users report is happening. Whenever they attempt to unlock their smart phone, an advert appears. This might seem alarming to users as usually this does not happen but there is no need to worry too much. These pop-ups are caused by some adware program.

Adware is responsible for lock screen ads

Adware is this irritating program that essentially generates and bombards your screen with advertisements to make pay-per-click income. They are more common on computers but smart phone users are encountering it more and more. Some users might confuse adware with a malicious program, known as malware, but it is not. Adware is not malicious because it does not directly harm your device. However, it does affect it. For one, it will generate huge amount of advertisements and fill your screen with them. In addition to that, your device will slow down and act sluggish.

The program causing the ads will make them appear on your lock screen, which is a terrible way to advertise something. Not only do you encounter ads everywhere you go on the Internet and in most apps, but now they are cluttering your screen when you are not even using your phone! While advertisements are generally safe to click on, adware generated ones might not be. Adware does not care what adverts you are exposed to, all it wants is to make income. So you could easily click on something you think is safe only to realize some kind of malware could have downloaded onto the system. It will also start gathering certain data about your browsing habits so that it could make more personalized adverts. So do not be surprised when you search for flight to Rome and then see flights to Rome advert on your lock screen.

How do you remove Android Ads on Lock Screen?

The problem with removing adware is that you need to find the app that is causing the ads. The below mentioned apps have been reported to display advertisements so if you have them installed, you will know what is causing the problem.

  • ES App Locker and ES File Explorer Pro
  • Xender
  • Touchpal
  • Amber Weather
  • GO Weather Forecast & Widgets / (infact most Apps related to GO)
  • Z Camera
  • Kitty Play
  • Locx
  • Peel Remote

If you have the above mentioned apps, you need to delete them right away. And if you do not but remember installing something right around the time the ads started, you might want to get rid of it. And if you cannot find the app responsible, go through every single one you have installed and look into it via search engine.

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And to avoid installing an adware app, only use legitimate app stores and make sure to read what people are saying about it. Despite saying that, legitimate app stores like Google Play can also be tricked and adware has already been uploaded onto it a couple of times. But nevertheless, your chances of picking up an infection will decrease significantly. And do not simply rely on what people are saying in the store. Use a reliable search engine to look into the program and only when you are sure it is secure, install it.

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