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Havoc Ransomware Removal


What is Havoc Ransomware?

Havoc Ransomware is your typical ransomware type of virus. Just like all ransomware out there, it will infect your computer via spam email, encrypt your files and then demand that you pay to get them back. The main method it uses to spread is, like we have said already, spam email. Users have been warned for many years now that they should not carelessly open every single email attachment they get. Continue reading

Ramsomeer Removal


What is Ramsomeer?

Ramsomeer is a ransomware type of virus that can encrypt your files. It enters your computer via spam email attachments as users still carelessly open attachments, despite many warnings not to. All you have to do is click on the attachment and it downloads onto your computer. It can then encrypt your files. When the encryption is complete, you are asked to pay money in order to restore the files. We never suggest paying and must warn you that very rarely does paying lead to file decryption. Oftentimes, ransomware developers just take your money and not give you anything in return. If you do not want to lose your money, we suggest you delete Ramsomeer. If you had backup prior to infection, you can restore the files after you remove Ramsomeer. Continue reading

CryptoLockerEU Removal


What is CryptoLockerEU?

CryptoLockerEU is a ransomware infection used by cyber crooks to make easy profit off of computer users. The threat is an updated version of CryptoLocker. It spreads on the Internet through fake ads, malign email attachments, corrupted links, and so on. The parasite encodes the files that you store on your PC and uses them as a reason to demand that you pay a ransom fee. Unfortunately, doing so does not guarantee that you will have your data fixed. What you should do instead of risking your money is get rid of CryptoLockerEU and try other file decryption methods. Continue reading

DXXD Ransomware Removal


What is DXXD Ransomware?

DXXD Ransomware does not enter computers with good intentions. It enters systems to encrypt files. Just like similar infections, it does that to lure users out of their money. Well, this malicious application does not steal money from users. Instead of doing that, it encrypts files and then offers users to purchase the key to decrypt files. Actually, you will not see any information about the ransom you have to pay to get your files back unless you write an email to cyber criminals. Continue reading

LambdaLocker – How to remove?


What is LambdaLocker?

LambdaLocker is a file-encrypting virus, known as ransomware. LambdaLocker is a dangerous infection because once it is on your computer, it will start encrypting your files. If you have never encountered ransomware before, you should be aware that very rarely can files be decrypted. The most likely way you got infected must have been via spam emails or fake downloads. You probably opened an infected email attachment or used unreliable websites for downloads. Continue reading

Kaandsona Removal


What is Kaandsona?

Kaandsona is a ransomware type of virus that has been discovered by malware researchers recently. Some users believe Kaandsona to be of Estonia origin due to the name, although being able to identify the hackers if highly unlikely. Just like most ransomware, it employs spam email to distribute its maliciousness. Nothing new in this department. Once ransomware gets on your computer, it encrypts your files and then demands that you pay to get them back. However, some security researchers explain that Kaandsona crashes before it can do any damage. Continue reading