What is QAAgent.exe?

QAAgent.exe is an executable file that belongs to Acer Quick Access application. This app is promoted as a tool that provides users with quick and easy access to the most frequently used settings like the on/off button for the individual Wi-Fi devices, USB charge options, network sharing settings, and more. Although this program is not malicious, it may fall into the potentially unwanted apps category, because of its distribution method, its symptoms, and the difficulties with its removal. However, if you want to terminate QAAgent.exe, you will have to uninstall its associated software as well.


How does Acer Quick Access work?

The distribution method mentioned above, which is used by the program, is called bundling. Freeware and shareware bundles can be downloaded from third party software hosting websites that are usually not the most trustworthy domains. During the installation of free software, you get presented with additional offers. These offers are very easy to miss, which is what the developers of unwanted apps count on. If you skip through the wizard without paying attention to it, you add unnecessary programs to your PC without even realizing it. Make sure not to do this again as these programs are more trouble than they are worth.

Once installed, adware and potentially unwanted apps start making changes right away. Usually those changes have to do with your online surfing. The apps either modify your browser settings, flood you with never-ending ads and redirects, or both. None of these actions seem like serious issues at first, however, there is no reason to ignore them either. Having to deal with various advertisements every time you go online means sooner or later facing virtual scams, falling for which could lead to undesirable consequences such as losing your money, infecting your computer with malware, and so on. If you wish to avoid that, we suggest that you get rid of QAAgent.exe and its related app.

How to remove QAAgent.exe?

As we have already stated, the only way to erase QAAgent.exe is by completely uninstalling its related software, Acer Quick Access. There are two options to choose from: manual or automatic QAAgent.exe removal. If you choose to go with the first one, you are welcome to follow the instructions prepared on this site. Unfortunately, it has been reported that manual removal does not always bring the best results, so we advise that you delete QAAgent.exe automatically instead. Implementing a malware prevention and removal tool from our page will allow you not only to eliminate QAAgent.exe and other unwanted files and programs from your PC, but also make sure that it stays protected from various infections you may encounter online.

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