What is AppSync.exe

AppSync.exe running in your Task Manager indicates that your computer is infected with a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This PUP appears to be a bundler, which installs other programs onto the computer. It’s not particularly malicious, which is why it’s classified only as a PUP. However, it’s nothing useful either, as it likely installed without your permission and now allows other programs to install without permission too. AppSync

You may have come across this potential infection when you opened your Task Manager. It’s possible that it attracted your attention because the process uses a lot of your computer’s resources, thus appears at the top. If you do notice AppSync.exe in your Task Manager, you will need to check your computer for PUPs. The easiest way to do that would be to use anti-virus software. The anti-virus would locate and delete AppSync.exe without you needing to do anything.

If AppSync.exe is indeed running on your computer, you should familiarize yourself with how potentially unwanted programs install. You likely have no recollection of installing the program, and that wouldn’t be unexpected. You likely installed free software that had this PUP attached to it. This is called software bundling and is a popular distribution method among unwanted program developers. Proceed to the next section of the report to learn more.

PUPs install via freeware

If you find a potentially unwanted program installed on your computer, it more than likely sneaked in via free software bundles. This is a common method used by unwanted programs like browser hijackers, adware, etc. Programs that install via freeware bundles are usually classified as PUPs because this method is quite sneaky and essentially tricks users into allowing their installations. Users are usually not even aware that they are installing unwanted programs.

Free software bundling is essentially adding extra offers to freeware. Those extra offers are usually adware, hijackers and PUPs. They come attached in a way that allows them to install alongside freeware automatically, without users needing to permit it. The offers are optional but to stop them from installing, users need to manually deselect them during installation. To do that, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings instead of Default when given the option during installation. Those settings will make all offers visible and allow you to deselect everything. All you need to do is uncheck the boxes of those offers. Once you have deselected all offers, you can continue the program’s installation. It’s recommended to do this when installing freeware, as most programs come with unwanted offers.

What does AppSync.exe do?

If you have this PUP installed on your computer, AppSync.exe will appear in your Task Manager. It should be visible near the top, as it uses a lot of computer’s resources, including CPU. This extensive usage of resources can have a negative effect on the computer, such as sluggish behaviour, and programs not launching or running as they should.

As we said above, AppSync is not a malicious program, meaning there is no need to worry about it directly harming your computer. If it was dangerous, it would be classified as something more serious than a PUP. But that does not mean you should keep it installed. AppSync seems to be a bundler, which means it may install additional programs onto your device. It would install other unwanted programs like browser hijackers and adware. Again, those aren’t particularly dangerous infections but they are annoying. They may change browser’s settings in order to promote questionable sites, or they may generate ads. It should be mentioned that while PUPs and similar infections are not directly dangerous, the could expose you to dangerous content.

AppSync.exe removal

It would be easiest to remove AppSync.exe using anti-virus software. It is detected by the majority of popular anti-virus programs like Malwarebytes, ESET, Kaspersky, etc.

PUP.Optional.AppSync is detected as:

  • Application.Agent.HCI by BitDefender
  • A Variant Of MSIL/Somoto.A Potentially Unwanted by ESET
  • Not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.MSIL.Syncapad.ge by Kaspersky
  • PUP.Optional.AppSync.TskLnk by Malwarebytes
  • BrowserModifier:Win32/DeepSync by Microsoft
  • PUA/Somoto.N by Avira


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