NordVPN is our top choice when it comes to the best VPN in Finland. Whatever your needs for a VPN are, it’s your best option.


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Finland may not be actively monitoring its citizens and sharing their browsing information with other countries but that does not mean you should not be worried about online privacy. Even if you can say that you have nothing to hide, our Internet activities are very private and it can feel intrusive when we know that someone may be able to see them. Thus, we always recommend users use a VPN when browsing the Internet because they conceal all traffic from all parties, including the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

What makes a VPN the best VPN in Finland

  • VPN servers in Finland

Generally, you need to opt for a VPN that has a lot of servers. The bigger the server network, the longer the list of locations. Furthermore, servers will be less crowded, which means a better experience for you. If you specifically need a Finland VPN server address, your chosen VPN should also have a lot of VPN servers in Finland.

  • Audited no-logs policy

When you research VPNs, what you need to pay attention to is the Privacy Policy. These policies explain what users’ data is collected and how it’s handled. Ideally, your chosen VPN should not collect any data related to your browsing activities because that would defeat the purpose of using a VPN in the first place. These data policies should also be audited by independent parties to ensure that all contents are legitimate.

  • Strong encryption

The way VPNs conceal what you do online and give you anonymity is by encrypting your traffic. In basic terms, when you’re connected to a VPN, your traffic goes through an encryption tunnel. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or some malicious party connected to the same network will not be able to read your traffic in its encrypted form. The standard encryption used by most VPNs is AES-256.

  • Speed

Lastly, how a VPN affects Internet speed is something you need to take into account. VPNs naturally slow down the Internet but to what extent varies. If you’re looking for the best VPN in Finland, you’ll want a VPN that will slow down your Internet as little as possible. Generally, if you have good Internet speed, any decent VPN should be able to give you adequate speeds.

NordVPN – our top choice for the best VPN in Finland

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NordVPN is our top pick when it comes to the best VPN in Finland. There are several reasons for this, and we will get into it below.

60+ VPN servers in Finland. First of all, if you need a Finland VPN address, it’s important that the VPN has servers in Finland. NordVPN has 60+ VPN servers in Finland. Overall, NordVPN has almost 6,000 servers in 60+ countries. Because NordVPN has a large network of servers, servers will be less crowded. There are even dedicated streaming and P2P servers.

Military-grade encryption. NordVPN encrypts traffic using a combination of AES-256 and ChaCha20 encryption. Your traffic will be concealed from all prying eyes once it’s encrypted.

Audited no-logs policy. When it comes to collecting users’ data, NordVPN is quite strict. It does not track what you do online and does not keep any logs. The only information it keeps is what’s necessary to maintain your account. You can read about its data handling practices in its Privacy Policy. Because NordVPN’s policy has been audited by independent parties several times, the contents have been proven to be true.

Extra features. NordVPN has an integrated kill switch to protect your IP address in case you get disconnected from the VPN while browsing. The feature is automatically enabled. There’s also a split tunneling feature if you want only specific traffic to go through the VPN.

Depending on which NordVPN subscription plan you opt for, it will come with additional features. All subscription plans include an adblocker as well as a protection against malware feature. Other plans also include a cross-platform password manager, a data breach scanner, and 1TB of cloud storage. These extra features are one of the reasons why we consider NordVPN to be the best VPN in Finland.

You will also be able to unblock streaming services and their content when connected to NordVPN servers. The VPN is excellent when it comes to unblocking popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu. There are also dedicated servers for streaming, which should make the experience even better. If you want to unblock a specific country’s library, all you need to do is connect to that country’s server. For example, if you want to watch Netflix Finland content from outside the country, simply connect to a VPN Finland server.

Fast VPN in Finland. One of the things that makes NordVPN the best VPN in Finland is its ability to maintain at least 80-90% of users’ original Internet speed. You may not think that it’s important how VPNs affect Internet speed but it is. You certainly do not want to be stuck watching the loading screen while trying to stream your favorite show.

NordVPN allows you to choose from several encryption protocols, which will have an impact on your speed. What makes NordVPN one of the best VPN services in Finland and why it stands out from all the rest is the NordLynx protocol. This encryption protocol offers excellent speeds, some of the best we’ve seen so far.

Subscription price. NordVPN is not a free Finland VPN and you will need a subscription if you want to use its features. There are three subscription plans and three lengths. If you choose to pay monthly, you will not get any discounts so the subscription may seem pricey. However, long-term subscriptions all have excellent discounts, which make the VPN more than affordable. If you take advantage of the discount, you can get a subscription for $2.99/month.

Finland VPN free. Unfortunately, NordVPN does not offer a free version. There is a free 7-day trial for Android users. The trial can only be initiated on an Android device but can later be used on all devices no matter what OS they are running. There’s also the 30-day money-back guarantee, which can technically work as a free trial provided you request your refund in time.

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