If you’re looking for the best VPN in Portugal to have complete privacy when online, we recommend NordVPN. It has all that you need from a VPN plus additional features.


Portugal is considerably better at giving its citizens privacy than many other countries but to have complete privacy, we recommend using a VPN. A VPN will not only give you anonymity but also allow you to spoof your location to make it appear as if you’re located somewhere completely different.

You will find a lot of options when searching for the best VPN in Portugal so choosing what best suits your needs may be difficult.

What makes a VPN the best VPN in Portugal

Servers in Portugal

If you’re after the best VPN for Portugal specifically, your chosen VPN has to have many VPN servers in Portugal. The overall number of servers is also important. The bigger the server network, the less crowded the servers will be, which is especially relevant with popular locations. Popular location servers can get busy quite often, which may have a negative impact on your whole experience.

Strict no-logs policy

If you value your privacy, choose a VPN with a strict and audited zero-logs policy. VPNs have no business collecting information related to what you do online but some unfortunately do. Generally, the less information a VPN collects, the better it is for your privacy.

User data handling practices are usually explained in the VPN’s Privacy Policies. These documents, while not very interesting, contain a lot of important information so we always recommend at least skimming through them. These policies also need to be audited by independent parties to prove to users that their data is not collected.

Military-grade encryption

A VPN’s main purpose is to encrypt your traffic to conceal it from all parties who may have access to it, such as the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Most VPNs will use AES-256 encryption to encrypt traffic because it’s essentially indecipherable.


If you want the best VPN in Portugal, you need one that does not have a big negative impact on your Internet speed. VPNs naturally slow down the Internet but to what extent depends on the VPN. But generally, if you have good Internet speed, most good VPNs will be able to retain at least 80%.

Why NordVPN may be the best VPN in Portugal?

There are several reasons why NordVPN can be considered to be the best VPN in Portugal.

VPN servers in Portugal. If you’re specifically looking for the best VPN in Portugal, you need to choose a VPN that has a lot of VPN servers in Portugal. NordVPN has 20+ VPN servers in Portugal, which may not seem like a lot but it will be enough. Overall, NordVPN has a very large network of servers, with almost 6,000 servers in 60+ countries. The more servers a VPN has, the better your experience will be because servers will be less congested, especially in popular locations.

Traffic encryption. NordVPN uses a combination of AES-256 and ChaCha20 to encrypt your traffic and conceal it from parties that may otherwise have access to it (e.g. your Internet Service Provider).

Strict no-logs policy. VPNs hide what you do when online, and it would make little sense if they kept logs of your online activities. NordVPN has a strict zero-logs policy, which means it does not collect any information related to your browsing. In general, the only information it collects is what’s necessary to maintain your account. All other data is off-limits. NordVPN’s data logging policies have been audited several times by independent parties so you can be sure that data is not collected.

Additional features. First of all, NordVPN has an integrated kill switch that will disconnect you from the Internet in case your connection to the VPN is dropped to protect your IP address. There’s also a split tunneling feature that will allow you to decide which traffic should go through the encryption tunnel and which should reach the Internet normally.

NordVPN subscriptions all come with additional features. All plans have an adblocker as well as a malware detection feature. More expensive plans also have a cross-platform password manager, a data breach scanner, and 1TB of cloud storage. These extra features are one of the reasons why we consider NordVPN to be the best VPN in Portugal.

NordVPN can also be used to unblock streaming platforms and their geo-restricted content libraries. You will be able to access all popular streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, etc. If you want to unlock a specific country’s content library, simply connect to that country’s server. For example, if you want to watch Netflix Portugal, connect to a VPN server in Portugal.

Fast VPN in Portugal. One of the most impressive things about NordVPN and why we consider it to be the best VPN in Portugal is its ability to retain 90% of the original Internet speed. While your Internet speed going down is to be expected, NordVPN is able to maintain excellent speeds.

Which encryption protocol is used by the VPN can have an impact on your Internet speed. NordVPN allows you to switch between several protocols, but we generally recommend using NordLynx. NordLynx is likely the fastest encryption protocol currently available and it should offer the best speeds.

Affordable subscriptions. NordVPN is an expensive program to develop and maintain so to use its full features, you will need to purchase a subscription. The monthly subscription does not have any discounts so it may seem expensive. However, long-term subscriptions always have discounts so you can get a NordVPN subscription for as cheap as $2.99/month.

Portugal VPN free. If you want a Portugal VPN free version, NordVPN does not have such a version. There is an Android 7-day free trial but an Android device is necessary to initiate the trial. Only after it’s initiated would you be able to use the VPN on all devices, no matter what OS they are running. If you request a refund in time, you could technically use the 30-day money-back guarantee as a free trial.

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