When it comes to the best VPN in Sweden, our top pick is NordVPN. NordVPN is known as one of the best, and not without reason. It has a network of almost 6,000 servers in 60+ countries, with more than 140 of those servers being in Sweden. Considering all of its features, it’s no wonder it’s considered to be the best VPN in Sweden.



Sweden is part of the 14 Eyes Surveillance Group. Countries part of the alliance monitor their citizens, collect internet users’ online activities/data, and share it with other member countries. So while European countries are doing better when it comes to privacy than many other parts of the world, there certain are issues.

There are people who argue that if you have nothing to hide and are not doing anything illegal, there is no need to worry about surveillance. But while that may be true, our online activities are very personal, and any kind of monitoring can feel very invasive. This is one of the reasons why a VPN is necessary. It will prevent anyone from being able to see what you do online and give you anonymity.

What do I need to consider when choosing the best VPN in Sweden?

There are certain important aspects that you need to consider when picking the best VPN in Sweden. Choosing a VPN in general can seem quite difficult because there’s such a wide selection of them available. But here’s what you should pay attention to in order to make the right choice.

  • Servers in Sweden

Server count and locations are very important when it comes to VPNs, especially if you need servers in a specific country. The more servers a VPN has, the more distributed users will be, which means less server congestion. So for a good overall experience with minimal issues, you’ll want a VPN with a lot of servers. And if you need a specific location, check the VPN’s server list to see whether it has it. If you need Sweden as a location, you need to check how many VPN servers in Sweden there are.

  • A zero-logs policy

For your own privacy, you need to choose a VPN with a strict zero-logs policy. Considering that the whole point of a VPN is to give you privacy and anonymity, it should not be collecting any of your browsing or personal data.

You can check whether a VPN would collect your data and how it would handle it in its Privacy Policy. The document contains all the necessary information, and it’s something you should at least skim through. These policies need to be audited by independent parties because that would confirm that the contents of the policies are true. Otherwise, users have no way of knowing whether the policies are enforced.

  • Encryption

VPNs protect your traffic and data by encrypting it, which is why it’s one of the most essential VPN features. Most good VPNs will use AES-256 encryption because it’s practically indecipherable.

  • Servers for streaming/torrenting

Dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting may also be something you should look into if you plan on doing those activities. Using dedicated streaming servers can make the whole experience smoother because you won’t have to look for servers that work.

And if you plan on using torrents, a VPN with P2P servers is recommended. Depending on what you torrent, it may be dangerous because you could attract the attention of your local authorities. And while we discourage you from torrenting copyrighted content, it’s best if you use a VPN.

The best VPN for Sweden – our top pick

NordVPN is often considered to be one of the best VPN services in Sweden, or rather, one of the best VPNs in general.


Let’s look into why NordVPN may be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for the best VPN in Sweden.

  • Servers in Sweden

NordVPN has 5,900+ servers overall, and 140+ of those are VPN servers in Sweden, specifically in Stockholm. That’s quite a wide server network, which will reduce congestion because users will be spread throughout the servers more evenly. You will not only be able to easily get a Sweden VPN address but this will result in a smoother experience for all users.

  • Strong encryption

NordVPN uses a combination of AES-256 and ChaCha2 encryption for encrypting traffic. That’s the standard encryption used by most VPNs. Once encrypted, the data will be unreadable, even to your ISP.

  • Zero-logs policy

NordVPN’s zero-logs policy is extremely strict. The VPN does not log users’ activities and only collects minimal information, none of which is personal. The privacy policy has been audited by independent parties, confirming the claims of no data being collected.

  • Extra features

One of the things that make NordVPN one of the best VPN services in Sweden is the extra features. It has an integrated kill switch that will disconnect you from the Internet immediately if your connection to the VPN is dropped to protect your IP address and prevent it from leaking.

There’s also a split tunneling feature that allows you to decide which Internet traffic will go through the VPN’s encryption tunnel and which will not.

All subscription plans also come with an adblocker feature that will block intrusive ads as you browse, as well as an anti-malware feature to block malicious threats. More expensive plans also come with more features.

  • Great speeds

One of NordVPN’s most impressive aspects is its speed. You can switch between the encryption protocols to see which offers the best speeds but NordLynx will likely work the best. There should be a very minimal slowdown, which makes NordVPN a very fast VPN in Sweden.

  • Streaming service unblocking

If you want to unblock streaming services, their geo-restricted libraries, or access Swedish channels, NordVPN will do the job. It can easily bypass geo-restrictions and unblock all popular streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, etc. And if you want to watch Swedish channels, simply connect to a VPN Sweden server.

  • Affordable subscriptions and great discounts

Surprisingly, even if NordVPN has a lot of extra features, it’s very affordable. The 1-year and 2-year plans always have excellent discounts, so you can get NordVPN for as cheap as $2.99/month if you’re willing to subscribe long-term.

One NordVPN downside is its lack of free trials. There is a free 7-day trial but it needs to be initiated on an Android device and only then used on all other devices. But there is the 30-day money-back guarantee, which technically can work as a free trial if you request a refund in time.

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