Every year, the need for cyber security specialists is becoming bigger and bigger, and it is not surprising, seeing as large scale cyber attacks are more common than ever. There is high demand for people who specialize in cyber security, and there is a variety of different jobs available.

Cyber security and do you have the skills to make itIf you are considering a career in cybersecurity, or have already started out but are struggling, you are probably focusing on the hard skills required, like coding, analysis and networking. Of course, those skills are essential if you want to succeed, but as is the case in a lot of other careers, people forget about the soft skills which are just as important. So if you want a career in cybersecurity, you are going to have to brush up your skills in more than just coding.

The soft skills required

Being able to communicate

This is an essential skill for most careers, and cybersecurity is not an exception. Depending which path in cybersecurity you will choose, various degrees of communication will be needed. You will have to provide information in a clear and concise manner, without making it sound too complex if you are communicating with a less computer savvy person. You will be dealing with all kinds of people with varying degrees of understanding of security, and if you are going to snap at someone for not understanding something that seems basic to you, you are not going to get far. Being able to explain something in a way that is understood by both cybersecurity savvy people and complete novices is an important skill to have.


Again, a skill required for many careers. If you think you will be able to just work by yourself, think again. Working in cybersecurity involves a lot of collaboration, whether it is with people in the same office or in other parts of the world. If you dismiss ideas others present you without considering them, working with others is going to be difficult. Therefore, learn how to work part of the team and respect your colleagues.

Working under pressure

Working in cybersecurity can be highly stressful and can put you in a lot of difficult situations. You need to be able to act fast and make decisions under pressure in calm matter. Being able to quickly judge and evaluate a situation is essential, as is critical thinking.

Having passion for learning

Cybersecurity is ever-changing, therefore, you will be constantly learning, and are expected to adapt. These days, the main focus is on system vulnerabilities and data breaches, while two years from now, it could be completely different. Cyber attacks are evolving, and you will need to evolve with or ahead of them. You will be of no use if you are stuck as an expert in something that is no longer relevant.

Being open-minded

You need to be able to think outside the box, and not just consider one solution to a problem. You will encounter all kinds of situations, and non-traditional solutions might be the correct ones in some. You also need to be able to listen to what others are saying to you, and not consider your solution to be the only solution.

All kinds of skills are needed to become a professional in cyber security, and not just computer-related. And if you think you have got what it takes, it may be time to begin your new career. It may seem daunting at first but remember, you have to start somewhere.

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