How to Remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10

Microsoft is a new browser which has been released together with the new operating system Windows 10. In general, it has replaced the Internet Explorer browser and should work smoother. There are many opinions regarding this new browser. Some users love it, but some want to remove it from their systems as soon as possible. If you are one of those who wish to get rid of Microsoft Edge in any event, you will find instructions that will help you to do this at the end of this article. For now, let’s talk about advantages and disadvantages of this new browser.

Microsoft Edge from Windows 10

People who like Microsoft Edge say that it has more advantages if compared to other browsers available on the market these days. They have noticed that it is the fastest browser in terms of raw performance. Secondly, they like the new feature called Reading which allows people to read favorite websites more easily. This feature removes all buttons, annoying advertisements, background images, and adjusts the size of the page and contrast for a convenient reading. Third, they point out that Microsoft Edge is the only browser that allows to make annotations on websites opened.

This means that users no longer need to install additional software to be able to do that. Fourth, users notice that it is easier to share the content with other users using the Share button installed on Microsoft Edge. Fifth, there is a convenient button available on it that contains downloads, history, favorite websites, and the reading list in one place. Finally, it has an integrated personal assistant called Cortana. It is there to help users to do things more quickly and easily.

Several drawbacks of Microsoft Edge can be distinguished too. First of all, it is evident that this browser requires Windows 10, which means that it does not work on other popular operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, Android, and iOS. Secondly, it has been found that it needs quite a lot system resources. Moreover, Microsoft Edge does not support extensions yet. Finally, users are not allowed to control it fully. As can be seen, the list of disadvantages is quite long. We are sure that we could add something else here too, but these are the main drawbacks that specialists and users have identified. It might be very true that Microsoft Edge is still not a very popular browser among users because of all these disadvantages. If you do not like it too, you can delete it. Unfortunately, this will not be easy to get rid of it because it is set as a default browser, and it is pre-installed on Windows 10.

There are users who wish to continue using Windows 10, but they can no longer stand Microsoft Edge. Of course, they can simply switch to using another browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; however, there are users who want it to be gone fully. There is a solution for them – they can disable it by using the manual removal guide provided below. Do not expect the process to be easy because this browser is the default one on Windows 10 and it comes with the operating system.

Delete Microsoft Edge manually

1. Make sure you are using an administrator account.
2. Open C:WindowsSystemApps.
3. Locate the folder Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe.
4. Right-click on it and select Properties.
5. Switch to the Security tab.
6. Click Advanced button For Special Permissions or Advanced Settings.
7. Follow the link to Change owner (make sure it is no longer TrustedInstaller).
8. Type Administrators in the prompt.
9. Press OK.
10. Check the option Replace Owner on Subcontainers and Objects. Click OK.
11. Go back to the folder’s properties panel.
12. Press Edit to Change Permissions.
13. Select the Administrators account.
14. Check the Allow box for Full Control.
15. Click Apply.
16. Click OK.
17. Access the folder’s properties again.
18. Open the General tab.
19. At the bottom, mark the Read-only checkbox.
20. Access the Edge folder.
21. Delete MicrosoftEdge.exe and MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe.

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  1. Justin

    Edge also makes itself the default viewer for PDFs, and its pitiful at display them. The only way to force foxit and acrobat reader as the default is to kill edge with fire.

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