If you use a VPN on your Samsung Smart TV, you can significantly improve your streaming experience because you will get access to geo-blocked streaming services and content libraries. However, it’s not possible to just download a VPN onto your Smart VPN, setting it up can be a bit more complicated. However, it is possible, and we have prepared three ways you can use a VPN on your Samsung Smart TV.


Smart TV VPN


You may also be wondering why you would even need to set up a VPN for your Smart TV. Most users do it because they want to use streaming services and access content that is not available to them. Much to the frustration of the users, streaming services like Netflix give users access to content based on their location. Because of licensing agreements, a lot of movie/TV series titles available in the US are not available to users in Europe or Asia, for example. So despite paying more or less the same price, some users get access to a much smaller content library. Some streaming services are not available at all in certain locations. Users who wish to gain access to content that’s inaccessible to them turn to VPNs because they allow users to spoof their locations.

If you use a VPN on your computer(s) and smart devices, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to set it up to work on your Samsung Smart TV. The answer to that is yes, it is possible. There are several ways you can do it, some easier than others. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to just download a VPN app from your Smart TV’s app store. So setting up a VPN on your Smart TV is a bit more complicated than that.

How to set up a VPN on Samsung Smart TV in 2023

We have prepared three ways you can set up a VPN on a Samsung Smart TV. However, you first need to choose which VPN to use. Choosing the best one can be quite difficult simply because there are so many VPNs available. Here are some great VPN suggestions to use for your Samsung Smart TV in 2023:

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • IPVanish

All of these VPNs are great security and location-spoofing tools so you can use any one of them. Not only will you be able to unblock streaming services and their content, but you will also be able to secure your home network and browse safely/privately.

How to install a VPN on Samsung Smart TV

Share your VPN connection from a computer

One of the easier ways to set up a VPN on a Samsung Smart TV in 2023 is to share a VPN connection from your Windows computer. As long as your Windows computer can be a hotspot, you should be able to set it up.

To set up a VPN on a Samsung Smart TV in 2023, follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install the VPN on your Windows computer.
  2. Create an account, buy a subscription if necessary, and log in.
  3. Open Settings on your computer and click Network & Internet.
  4. Find Mobile Hotspot and enable it.
  5. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV, and go to WiFi settings.
  6. Connect your Smart TV to the hotspot you just enabled.

Install a VPN on a router

If you want to secure your whole home network and use a VPN on your Samsung Smart TV, you should install a VPN on your router. However, there are several things you need to check for this to work.

Most importantly, to be able to set up a VPN on your router, your chosen VPN needs to support routers and your router needs to support VPNs. If your VPN supports routers, you should be able to find detailed instructions on how to set it up on its official website.

Use Smart DNS

Some VPNs (e.g. Nord VPN and Surfshark) offer a Smart DNS feature that allows you to access streaming services and their content that may not be available to you because of your location on your Smart TV. While very easy to set up, it is quite a limited feature. First of all, enabling Smart DNS would not protect you the way a VPN connection does. Your Smart TV traffic would not be encrypted and would be visible to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Secondly, not all streaming services will become accessible.

Here’s how to enable Smart DNS:

  1. Choose a VPN that has a Smart DNS feature and purchase a subscription.
  2. Log in on the VPN’s official website.
  3. Find the Smart DNS page and enable the feature.
  4. Turn on your Smart TV, go to Network settings, click Network Status, and set DNS settings to enter manually.
  5. Type in the DNS addresses sent to you by your VPN provider when you enabled the feature.
  6. Restart your Smart TV, and you should now be able to watch previously blocked content.

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