If you want to watch Netflix US from a different country, a VPN is the perfect tool for this. There are several VPNs that can unblock Netflix US for you. It’s no secret that users in different countries have access to different Netflix content. Users in the US have access to the most content, which is why users in different countries try all kinds of ways to access Netflix US.


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Can I watch Netflix US with a VPN?

VPNs give users the option to spoof their locations, aka appear in a location of their choice. All users have to do is connect to a server in some country, and it will seem as if they are located there. This is why VPNs are such great tools for streaming. They give users the ability to access streaming services/content libraries that may be blocked to them because of their location.

If you are, for example, a user located in Europe, you may be wondering whether you can watch American Netflix in Europe. With a VPN, that becomes possible. Not only Netflix US, VPNs can give you access to other Netflix libraries, such as the UK, Japan, South Korea, France, etc.

How to use a VPN to watch Netflix US?

In order to access US Netflix from another country, you need to:

  1. Choose a VPN that can unblock Netflix. Make sure to do extensive research to make sure it suits all your needs.
  2. Download the VPN from the official website/an official app store.
  3. Install the app and set up an account. If necessary, buy a VPN subscription.
  4. Open the VPN and connect to a server in a country whose Netflix library you want to access. In this case, if you want to watch US Netflix, connect to a US server.
  5. Open Netflix and enjoy the content.

As long as you are connected to that VPN server, you will have access to that country’s Netflix library.

Can a free VPN unblock Netflix US?

VPNs, while not the most expensive apps, still cost money. And many users often do not like paying for programs. Therefore, they look for free alternatives.

First of all, if you’re looking for a free VPN that will allow you to watch US Netflix, you’re out of luck. Free VPNs are not capable of unblocking streaming services because they do not have enough resources.

But free VPNs are not only unable to unblock Netflix but they are also problematic. The biggest reason why users are discouraged from using free VPNs is that they collect data. The whole idea behind a VPN is that it should protect your privacy, protect you from potential surveillance, and give you anonymity. If a VPN collects data, it goes against everything a VPN stands for. Free VPNs are free for a reason. They make money by collecting your personal/browsing data and selling it to advertisers and third parties.

So if you’re thinking about using a free VPN, we suggest you use free trials or free versions of premium VPNs instead.

Top VPNs for streaming Netflix

There are several things that make a VPN good for streaming. What matters is not only whether they can unblock streaming services, it’s also important how fast the VPN is and whether it has servers dedicated to streaming. All of the below-mentioned VPNs are ideal for streaming, they are all able to unblock streaming services, have a lot of servers for streaming, and are fast, which means no buffering.



If you want to watch Netflix US from outside the country, NordVPN is one of the best options. NordVPN is a great VPN in general. It encrypts traffic using military-grade encryption, has a significant number of servers, provides great security, and is fast.

It has more than 5,800 servers in 60 countries and uses AES-256 encryption for encrypting your traffic. It uses the NordLynx tunneling protocol, which means you will get to enjoy great download speeds as well as no buffering when streaming. And if privacy is important to you, an integrated kill switch will stop your IP address from leaking in case you get disconnected from the VPN.

It’s quite an affordable VPN as well. If you’re willing to subscribe long-term, the subscription would cost you around $3.19/month.




Surfshark is another great VPN for streaming Netflix and unblocking Netflix US. It’s known as a very affordable VPN that does not sacrifice any features for the sake of being budget-friendly. With more than 3,200 servers in 100 countries, it’s a VPN that gives users access to one of the biggest numbers of locations.

It uses military-grade encryption to encrypt traffic, has a kill switch to stop your IP address from leaking, has P2P-supported servers, and has excellent speeds, which means no buffering when streaming Netflix US. Even if you’re looking for a VPN for more than just streaming, Surfshark is a great VPN. It even gives you unlimited simultaneous connections.

It’s a very budget-friendly VPN, with subscriptions starting from $2.30/month.





CyberGhost is known as a very user-friendly VPN. It has a very extensive network of servers, 9,200+ servers in 94 countries to be more precise. It uses AES-256 military-grade encryption to encrypt your traffic, has a kill switch to protect your IP address, protects your privacy, and uses VPN protocols that have good speeds. It’s great for streaming, and it’s able to unblock all popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

With subscriptions starting from $2/month, CyberGhost is one of the cheapest VPNs in the market.

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