The best Armenia VPN will give you more privacy when online, unblock geo-restricted content, be easy to use, and be affordable. Our top recommended options for the best VPN in Armenia are Surfshark and NordVPN.



While Internet users in Armenia do not have to deal with censored content and are not under active surveillance by the government, there are still many benefits to using a VPN. For one, it allows significantly more privacy when online. VPNs also allow users access to geo-restricted content that’s not available to them.

VPNs are legal in Armenia so there will be no issues with using one. However, it may be difficult to find the best VPN in Armenia because there are so many options to choose from.

What features does the best VPN in Armenia need?


Traffic encryption is a VPN’s most important feature. When a VPN encrypts traffic, it makes it unreadable to all parties, including the Internet Service Provider. The most commonly used encryption algorithm is AES-256, known for being practically indecipherable.

Network of servers

It’s recommended to choose a VPN that offers at least a couple of thousand servers. The more servers a VPN has, the better the experience will be. Servers will lag less because they’ll be less busy.

Obfuscated servers

Obfuscated servers are a necessity for users who plan on using a VPN in countries where they have been banned or made illegal. When users connect to regular servers, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see that a VPN is being used. If VPN traffic is blocked, a VPN would be useless. Obfuscated servers, however, conceal the fact that a VPN is used because the VPN removes all traces of itself from users’ data.

Zero-logs policy

VPNs can technically see users’ traffic but no decent VPN will keep logs of it as that would go against the whole idea of a VPN. While all VPNs will claim to not collect data, not all of them will be truthful. Free VPNs in particular are guilty of collecting users’ traffic, which is one of the reasons why users are discouraged from using a free Armenia VPN.


A VPN’s zero-logs policy needs to be audited by an independent party to prove to users that browsing data is not collected. Users have no way of checking that themselves so they need to rely on audits. The best VPN in Armenia will certainly be audited.

Internet speed

It’s not uncommon for users to worry about VPNs affecting Internet speed. It’s also not an unfounded worry because VPNs do slow down users’ Internet. However, the extent of the slowdown depends on many factors, such as the encryption protocol the VPN uses. For users who want the best VPN in Armenia, they should research how severe slowdowns are and choose one that can retain at least 80% of the original speed.

Additional features

For users who use a lot of extensions/programs to get certain features (like adblocking, password management, and protection against malware), it may be more convenient to just use a VPN. Many VPNs offer extra features in addition to essential VPN features.

What is the best VPN in Armenia?

When it comes to the best VPN in Armenia, there are several options. Our recommended choices are NordVPN and Surfshark, both very capable VPNs that will not only ensure the highest security but also provide the best overall experience.


Number of servers: 3,200
Server locations: 100+ countries
Devices supported: Unlimited
Is a free trial available: Yes, a 7-day free trial is available for Android and iOS devices.

Surfshark is one of the best VPN services in Armenia. While Surfshark is known for being one of the most affordable VPNs in the market, it does not cut any corners when it comes to security. It encrypts traffic using AES-256, and once encrypted, the traffic becomes unreadable. It also has integrated security features to protect users’ data. The kill switch will immediately disconnect users from the Internet in case their connection to the VPN is dropped to protect the traffic and IP addresses from leaking.

Surfshark has 3,200 servers in more than 100 countries. That’s an impressive number of location choices. It also has obfuscated servers that will hide VPN usage. Surfshark has a strict and audited zero-logs policy, so whichever server users connect to, their browsing data will not be collected.

One of the things that can make Surfshark the best VPN in Armenia is the unlimited number of simultaneous connections. In addition to that, Surfshark is perhaps the most affordable VPN in the market, even if it does not offer a free Armenia VPN. It also offers additional features like an adblocker and protection against malware/phishing attempts.

Surfshark is a fast VPN in Armenia. It offers great Internet speeds, making the slowdown more or less unnoticeable unless the Internet is very slow to begin with.

Lastly, there is no Surfshark free Armenia VPN so users will have to buy a subscription. There is a 7-day free trial available to users who have either an Android or an iOS device. A 30-day money-back guarantee can also work as a longer free trial as long as a refund is requested in time.


Number of servers: 6,100
Server locations: 74 countries
Devices supported: 6
Is a free trial available: Yes, a 7-day free trial is available but it has to be initiated on an Android device.

NordVPN is perhaps the most famous VPN on the market. It can easily be considered to be the best VPN in Armenia.

NordVPN secures users’ traffic using a combination of AES-256 and ChaCha20 encryption. Encrypted traffic will be indecipherable and completely protected from all parties (e.g. the Internet Service Provider). It has integrated security features like a kill switch to protect users’ data. The kill switch will prevent IP addresses and traffic from leaking in case users get disconnected from the VPN while online.

NordVPN has an impressive number of servers. There are 6,100 servers in 74 countries. Users can connect to both regular and obfuscated servers. Obfuscated servers are necessary for users who need to hide VPN usage. Because it has a strict zero-logs policy, users’ browsing-related data will not be collected. NordVPN has been audited by independent parties several times, which proves that its claims of no data collection are legitimate.

One of the things NordVPN is known for is its incredibly fast NordLynx encryption protocol. It’s because of this protocol that NordVPN is such a fast VPN in Armenia. Encryption protocols can be changed in settings but it’s recommended to stick to NordLynx to get the best speeds.

NordVPN does not have free Armenia VPN but it does offer a free 7-day trial. However, the trial needs to be initiated on an Android device before it can be used. The 30-day money-back guarantee can also be used as a longer free trial as long as users request a refund within 30 days of their purchase.

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