About Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that is advertised as a system optimization tool that can fix computer performance issues. The reason it’s classified as a PUP is because it uses questionable distribution methods and questionable scan results to trick you into buying the premium version of the program. There are loads of programs like this, and they’re usually system optimizers. They’re not malware, nor are they malicious. However, there is no use in keeping these kinds of programs installed because they do not do anything. Outbyte PC Repair

The program will scan your computer for issues related to your computer’s performance. However, scan results will show you questionable issues in order to pressure you into buying the full version of the program, which is necessary to use the program’s repair functions. Since the program is using scare tactics to pressure you into buying its full version, you should delete Outbyte PC Repair.

You probably don’t even remember installing Outbyte PC Repair because it either used software bundling or you were shown a pop-up warning about you about a virus and downloaded the offered program. We will explain this in more detail in the following section of the report. We strongly suggest you continue reading so you could avoid these programs in the future.

How is Outbyte PC Repair distributed

Programs like Outbyte PC Repair are often distributed via fake virus alert pop-ups. Thee fake alerts appear when visiting questionable websites such as ones hosting adult videos or pirated content. The pop-up would claim that your computer is infected with some kind of virus or that there are a lot of issues, and suggest you download the offered program. If you remember downloading one of these “security programs” from these pop-ups, it was likely Outbyte PC Repair. For future reference, never download anything from these pop-ups because they’re always fake. The only legitimate alert about viruses on your computer will come from your anti-virus program.

You could have also picked up this program via software bundling. All kinds of PUPs come attached to freeware as extra offers, and if users do not notice them, they will install alongside. The offers are preselected to install alongside the freeware and are purposely hidden from users. To make them visible, you need to choose Advanced (Custom) settings instead of Default when installing programs. You will then be able to review what has been added to the program and deselect everything. All you need to do is uncheck the offers. We always recommend unchecking all offers, even if they seem useful at first.

Should you remove Outbyte PC Repair

As soon as it installs, it will perform a scan of your computer and start showing you notifications about supposed issues on your computer. The program is advertised as a system optimizer and mainly detects issues related to your computer’s performance. However, it also claims to identify privacy issues. Scan results may shock you with the amount of issues detected. The large number is meant to make you anxious about the state of your device. The program will offer to fix these issues, as long as you buy the program’s premium version, which we obviously do not recommend doing.

If you were to inspect the detected issues closer, you’d realize that most of them either do not exist at all, or are easily solvable manually. Because they’re usually useless, system optimizers are often considered to be unnecessary. Many specialists believe that a computer is fully capable of maintaining itself. However, if you believe your computer could benefit from such a program, there are much better options than Outbyte PC Repair. Be careful to not use a program that affects the registry. Microsoft has warned against using such program because deleting the wrong registry entry could have serious consequences.

Outbyte PC Repair removal

You should be able to uninstall Outbyte PC Repair both manually and via anti-spyware software without issues. However, if you have little experience with uninstalling programs, we strongly recommend using anti-spyware software because that would be easiest as the program would do everything.


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