What is Error MS-77X1

Error MS-77X1 is an error code used in tech-support scams to trick users into thinking there’s something wrong with their computers. The reason you are reading this is likely because you encountered this scam and were wondering whether the alert is legitimate. If that is the case, we can assure that you that it is not. This is a tech-support scam and everything it claims is wrong with your computer is false. Error MS-77X1

The Error MS-77X1 tech-support scams claims that your computer has been blocked because of suspicious activity. To unblock it, you are asked to call the shown number, supposedly to get help from Microsoft technicians. However, if you were to call, you’d be connected to tech-support scammers pretending to be legitimate technicians. They would pretend to fix your computer and then demand that you pay hundreds of dollars for their “provided services”.

The reason you are redirected to these tech-support scams is because you were either browsing a risky website or your computer is infected with adware. If it’s adware, you will need to get rid of it to remove Error MS-77X1 alerts permanently. You can close the window but as long as adware is installed, the pop-up will keep reappearing over and over again.

What is causing the tech-support scam to appear

If you were browsing certain high-risk websites when you got redirected to the scam, the site may be at fault. A lot of sites, particularly ones hosting pornography or pirated content, rely on low-quality ads to make revenue. When you browse those sites, clicking on anything could lead you to being redirected to sites like the one displaying the Error MS-77X1 tech-support scam. The very least you can do when browsing potentially dangerous sites is have adblocker enabled.

However, if you are redirected constantly, even when on perfectly safe sites, your computer may be infected with adware. Adware is a minor infection with a primary goal of exposing users to ads. Because it can install unnoticed, you may not even notice it installed on your computer. It uses software bundling to install and comes attached to free software as an extra offer. Most free programs come with these extra offers, and if you don’t deselect them during setup, they will install alongside automatically. The only way to deselect the offers is to choose Advanced (Custom) settings during freeware setup. Those settings will make all extra offers visible, and you will be able to deselect all of them. Simply uncheck the offers, and you can then continue the installation.

Dialing the number would connect you to professional scammers

If you get redirected to the site displaying the scam, you will be greeted with warnings in German about supposed issues on your computer that led to it being blocked by Microsoft. The warning message is pretty standard for these scams, the only thing different is that it’s in German. But otherwise, it follows the standard “your computer has been blocked because of a virus and you need to call the number to fix it” pattern. The scam claims that unless you fix the issue immediately, your information, including logins and personal files, will be stolen and potentially leaked. To fix the issue, you are asked to call the provided number.

The numbers may differ in these scams, but we have seen 0800-101-202 being displayed. The scam alert will say that this number is for Windows Support, but it’s actually for tech-support scammers pretending to be Windows Support. They would ask what the problem is, request remote access to your computer, pretend to fix the issues and then demand hundreds of dollars for their services. Since there is nothing wrong with your computer, paying anything would be a complete waste of money. If you are interested in the specifics of these scams and how they actually work, there are many videos on YouTube of people engaging with scammers on purpose.

For future reference, if you encounter an alert in your browser talking about viruses or issues on your computer, it’s a scam. Your browser will never display legitimate virus alerts as it cannot detect them. If you are ever in doubt, if a phone number is displayed, it’s a scam. Companies like Microsoft do not make unsolicited contact to ask users to call their support numbers.

Error MS-77X1 removal

In order to remove Error MS-77X1 scam from your screen permanently, you need to get rid of the adware that’s showing it to you. We strongly suggest using anti-spyware software as that would be easiest since the program would do everything.


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