What is HxOutlook.exe?

Originally, HxOutlook.exe is one of many components of Microsoft Outlook, so if Windows OS is running on your computer and you have this piece of software installed on your system, you should, of course, inspect this file, but, most likely, it belongs to the legitimate program and you do not need to do anything about its presence. You do not need to remove HxOutlook.exe if it belongs to good software, but you surely cannot keep it if it turns out that it belongs to malicious software. HxOutlook

Yes, malware might borrow names of legitimate files to stay undetected, so you should still check HxOutlook.exe even if you are 99% sure that it belongs to Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer. Unfortunately, in case this file belongs to real malware, you will not disable it by simply implementing the HxOutlook.exe removal because it must have more files. It is unclear where they are all located, so we cannot promise that it will be very easy to disable that malicious application.

What does HxOutlook.exe do?

If HxOutlook.exe belongs to Microsoft Outlook, you do not need to erase it because it helps this program function properly. The file is legitimate if you have found it in c:\Program Files\WindowsApps or its subfolders. Have you located it in another folder? If so, the chances are high that you have found a component of malware. It might be responsible for a variety of malicious activities. For example, it might help malware collect information about the victim, log keystrokes, connect to the Internet, get updates, download and install bad software on the affected machine, and more. You should be able to remove HxOutlook.exe easily, but it does not mean that you could disable active malware by doing that, so do not think that it is enough to uninstall HxOutlook.exe from the system. Its other files must be erased too.

Why do I have HxOutlook.exe on my computer?

You have found HxOutlook.exe on your computer because Microsoft Outlook is installed on your system. Another reason why you see it is the presence of malware on your system. In such a case, the HxOutlook.exe removal is obligatory. Many users do not know anything about malicious software on their computers, and you might be one of them because infections usually enter computers unnoticed and work in the background so that users would not erase them. Malware developers create threats every day, so the Internet is a very dangerous place. Luckily, there is one simple way to protect the computer from malware – install a security application on it.

How do I delete HxOutlook.exe?

If you have found HxOutlook.exe on your computer and it has turned out that it is a component of a harmful infection, go to delete HxOutlook.exe right away. Sadly, we cannot promise that this only step will disable the malicious application whose component it is. Therefore, it would be smarter to use the powerful anti-malware scanner because such a tool can find all malicious components and delete them all at the same time. That is, it can remove malware fully very quickly.


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