The best VPN in Angola will encrypt traffic to allow users’ anonymity, offer a wide range of servers, and give access to content that’s geo-restricted.



It does not appear that the government of Angola is censoring content or restricting users’ access to services. Popular services like YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are freely accessible. However, there have been cases of arrests made of users for their online activities (e.g. political commentary or “insults” about the president), which means the government does monitor users to some extent.

While users in Angola are better off than citizens of many other countries when it comes to Internet freedom, VPNs are still recommended. VPNs allow users to escape surveillance because they encrypt traffic, making it unreadable to the Internet Service Provider, as well as any other party who may otherwise have access to it.

VPNs are not illegal in Angola so you can freely use them however much you want. However, finding the best VPN in Angola may be difficult because the market is currently filled with VPNs.

What features does the best VPN in Angola need?

There are many things to consider when choosing the best VPN. Most premium VPNs will do a good job but you should be wary of free VPNs.

A free Angola VPN may be very tempting but keep in mind that free VPNs are very problematic for several reasons. First of all, developing and maintaining a VPN is expensive so free VPNs often lack necessary features and have poor security. Second, free VPNs make revenue by selling users’ browsing data. VPNs can see users’ traffic but no decent VPN will keep logs. A large number of free VPNs do keep logs and later sell the data to make revenue. Thus, the best VPN in Angola will be a premium one.

If you want the best VPN in Angola, consider the following when choosing which one to use:

Security/Traffic encryption. Traffic encryption and security are a priority when it comes to VPNs. To put it in simple terms, VPNs create an encryption tunnel for traffic to go through, and what comes out the other end is unreadable data. The traffic is not readable to the Internet Service Provider nor any other party who may otherwise have access to it (e.g. a malicious party connected to the same network). The standard encryption used by most VPNs is AES-256.

Server network. It’s generally recommended to opt for a VPN that offers a lot of servers. The more servers a VPN has, the less busy they will be, thus lag less. A bigger selection of servers also means more location options.

Obfuscated servers. Obfuscated servers are an essential feature for VPNs that are to be used in countries where they are banned or have been made illegal. Regular servers do not hide VPN usage even if the traffic is unreadable. However, when users connect to obfuscated servers, the VPN removes all traces of itself from users’ data, which makes VPN usage not visible to Internet Service Providers.

Strict zero-logs policy. We mentioned above that VPNs can see users’ traffic. However, no good VPN will monitor what users do online and keep logs of their traffic as it would go against the whole idea of a VPN. Thus, the best VPN in Angola will have a strict no-logs policy and keep no logs of users’ online activities. The only collected information should be what’s necessary to maintain an account.

Audits. Users should not blindly trust VPNs that claim to not collect browsing data. Users cannot check whether their VPN collects data, which is where audits come in. VPNs need to be audited by independent parties to prove to users that they do not keep logs.

Effect on Internet speed. VPNs often negatively impact Internet speed. Many users worry about this, and it’s not an unfounded worry. However, to what extent a VPN will slow down the Internet depends on many factors. In most cases, good VPNs will not have any noticeable effect unless users have very slow Internet. But if you want the best VPN in Angola, make sure your chosen one can retain at least 80% of the original speed.

It’s also worth mentioning that if users’ Internet Service Providers are throttling their Internet speed, using a VPN would increase the speed.

Extra features. Many premium VPNs offer additional features as part of subscriptions. The most common features are adblocking, protection against malware, and password management. If you use several programs/extensions to get features that a VPN also offers, it would be more convenient to just use a VPN.

NordVPN – the best VPN for Angola

You will come across many options for VPNs but our recommended option for the best VPN in Angola is NordVPN. It offers the best possible security, has very little impact on Internet speed, and provides loads of extra features.

NordVPN uses a combined AES-256 and ChaCha20 encryption to protect users’ traffic. This is military-grade encryption so it’s practically indecipherable. NordVPN also has security measures to protect users’ traffic. For example, an integrated kill switch will immediately disconnect users from the Internet if their connection to the VPN is dropped to prevent traffic and IP addresses from leaking.

NordVPN has 6,000 servers in 60+ countries and hundreds of locations. The large network of servers ensures that users are distributed, which will reduce server lag. NordVPN also offers obfuscated servers for users who want/need to conceal their VPN usage. Whichever server users connect to, NordVPN will not track their online activities, and this has been confirmed by independent audits.

NordVPN is known for its speed, so if you want a fast VPN in Angola, it’s the perfect choice. It’s usually able to retain at least 90% of the original speed. This is largely because of NordVPN’s NordLynx encryption protocol. You can switch encryption protocols in settings but we recommend sticking to NordLynx because it’s why NordVPN is such a fast VPN in Angola.

To use NordVPN, you will need to purchase a subscription because it does not offer a free Angola VPN. The subscriptions are very affordable, long-term ones even more so because of the offered discounts. The subscriptions also come with additional features: an adblocker, a password manager, protection against malware, a data breach scanner, and even 1TB of cloud storage.

While NordVPN does not have a free Angola VPN, there is a 7-day free trial. To trial needs to be started on an Android device but once initiated, it can be used on all devices. Furthermore, as long as you request a refund in time, the 30-day money-back guarantee can technically be used as a free trial as well.

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