Removal Guide is considered to be a browser hijacker, so if you ever notice its presence on your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, there is no doubt that this threat is installed on your computer. First of all, will not allow you to set another homepage and search provider. Secondly, might provide you with ads that might redirect you to untrustworthy web pages.

You can prevent this from happening only if you delete browser hijacker from the system. Some users believe that they will uninstall if they change your default browser; however, as we have already mentioned, it is compatible with all the most popular browsers. We understand that the removal process might seem to be really challenging, especially when you find out that it is impossible to get rid of it via Control Panel; however, we are ready here to help you with that. The only thing that you have to do is to read through this article and then follow our step by step instructions. does work?

As we have already mentioned, infection will change your homepage and search engine immediately after it enters your system. You might not notice that it performs other activities too, but it will surely do something else. We have managed to find out that will collect information about your browsing activities. It is interested in your IP address, search results, approximate location, browsing history, bookmarks, and much more. Of course, will not limit itself to this activity only. Researchers say that will also provide you with advertisements. It will probably place them on its startup page and it will modify your search results by placing ads among them. Some users say that they start seeing ads on other websites after slithers onto their computers. Make sure that you do not click on any of those ads because you might infect your system with malware extremely quickly. Ads will not download malware themselves, but they might redirect to corrupted web pages that are full of malware, and these malicious applications might enter your system in the blink of an eye. If you do not want to become the victim of malware, remove immediately and do not look back.

How did browser hijacker enter my computer? browser hijacker is very sneaky like previously published hijackers. In other words, it enters systems without permission and immediately starts performing its activities. It has been observed that browser hijacker usually slithers onto computers together with other programs, e.g. PDF converters, download managers, and other legitimate applications. Therefore, users have to download such programs from their official websites if they want to prevent browser hijackers from entering the system in the future. Unfortunately, this will still not guarantee that malware will not enter your system. Thus, we suggest that you acquire and install a reputable security tool on the system too. If you do that, threats similar to will definitely not slither onto your PC. Of course, you have to keep your tool enabled all the time and it has to be 100% reliable.

How to eliminate browser hijacker?

You can remove browser hijacker by scanning the system with an automatic tool or simply following our step by step instructions. It is up to you how you delete; however, we highly recommend less experienced users to leave the work for an automatic scanner. If you still want to delete browser hijacker manually, make sure that you do not skip any installation steps. Unfortunately, our instructions will not help you to delete other undesirable programs that might be hiding on your system and doing various activities behind your back. Therefore, it would be best that you scan your system with an antimalware tool after you implement the manual removal too.

Delete from PC

Windows XP

1. Click the Start button and open Control Panel.
2. Open Add or Remove Programs.
3. Select the program and remove it.

Windows 7 and Vista

1. Open the menu and click Control Panel.
2. Open Uninstall a program.
3. Select the program and click Uninstall.

Windows 8

1. Right-click on the background and select Control Panel.
2. Click Uninstall a program.
3. Select the program.
4. Uninstall it.

Internet Explorer

1. Open your browser and tap Alt+T.
2. Open Manage Add-ons and click Toolbars and Extensions.
3. Select the extension and erase it.

Google Chrome

1. Open your browser
2. Tap Alt+F.
3. Select Tools and open Extensions.
4. Click on the extension and click the trash button.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open your browser.
2. Tap Ctrl+Shift+A.
3. Select Extensions.
4. Find the extension and select it.
5. Get rid of it.

Automated Removal Tools

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