MoshouInput Removal Guide

MoshouInput is a potentially unwanted application that belongs to Chinese developers. It main site,, describes the program as a tool that can provide you with the Pinyin Input method, which is optimized for Chinese typing. Unless you speak the language, it is rather unlikely that you visited its official page and downloaded the utility there.

The app uses the bundling distribution method, so it most probably entered your PC through other freeware. Since there is nothing beneficial about it to you, we advise that you delete MoshouInput from your computer as soon as possible.

MoshouInput-How does MoshouInput work?

As it has been mentioned above, the distribution method that the application uses is called bundling. What it means is that the program gets attached to free software and enters your computer together with it. During freeware installation, you are presented with additional offers. If you do not notice them, you agree to these offers unwittingly. That is how MoshouInput got access to you system. If you wish to avoid potentially unwanted apps in the future, you will have to be more attentive when installing free software. Always choose the Advanced mode and decline the optional offers that you see in the wizard.

The main symptom of the application and one of the main reasons why you should get rid of MoshouInput is that it shows you third party advertisements. The program shows you banners, coupons, pop-ups, and other ads no matter where you go online. The advertising data is not monitored by anyone, so it could be fake. If you click on a fake ad, you will risk infecting your computer with malware or suffering other consequences that have to do with your finances and your personal information. You should not take such unnecessary risks. Therefore, we recommend that you erase MoshouInput from your PC without delay.

How to remove MoshouInput?

Unfortunately, MoshouInput removal may be somewhat complicated. If you want to eliminate MoshouInput completely, you should implement the malware prevention and removal tool from our page. It will scan your system and detect all unwanted files and programs. The utility will help you terminate MoshouInput without any difficulty. It will also provide you with online protection in real time, so that you can surf the Web securely from now on. The alternative solution is to uninstall MoshouInput manually. The program’s uninstaller is presented in Chinese, so it may be difficult for you to complete the necessary actions. Therefore, we have prepared a manual removal guide that will help you delete MoshouInput in its entirety.

Remove MoshouInput manually

  1. Tap Win+R, input taskmgr and click OK
  2. Choose the monpimyin.exe process and click End Task
  3. Close the Task Manager
  4. Press Win+R again, type in regedit and click OK
  5. Delete the following keys:
  6. HKLM|HKCUSoftwareMoshouInput
  7. HKLMSoftwareWow6432NodeMoshouInput (only for 64-bit)
  8. HKLMSOFTWAREClassesmoshou.file
  9. HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunmonpimyin.exe
  10. Exit the Registry Editor
  11. Tap Win+E and delete the following folders:
  12. %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalLowMoshouInput
  13. %USERPROFILE%Application DataMoshouInput (in Windows XP)
  14. %AppData%MoshouInput
  15. %ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application DataMoshouInput (in Windows XP)
  16. %ALLUSERSPROFILE%MoshouInput
  17. %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%MoshouInput (only 64-bit)
  18. %PROGRAMFILES%MoshouInput
  19. Empty Recycle Bin and restart your computer

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