About GoogleFix.exe

GoogleFix.exe is a serious malware infection that will constantly cause redirects to certain websites. Once installed, the malware modifies system settings and disrupts your browsing by constantly redirecting you to questionable sites. In addition, the malware will cause your browser to frequently crash, further disrupting your regular browsing. It’s not an infection that can be missed because of its rather annoying behaviour. When trying to access Google services, you will be redirected to a certain website that offers you to “fix internet issues” by downloading the suggested program. The malware is likely trying to make the user believe something is wrong with their browser, which would prompt them to download the offered program. It goes without saying that if users were to download the program, it would turn out to be malware.


It may be difficult to know if you have this particular malware without anti-malware software, so we recommend installing such a program. However, you can also check your Task Manager. If this malware is on your system, a GoogleFix.exe process will be running in the Task Manager. If you notice it, take immediate action to remove GoogleFix.exe form your computer. Until you do, you will be randomly redirected to questionable websites, and will be spied upon by the malicious program.

GoogleFix.exe malware can spread in various ways

The malware could have entered your computer in a number of ways. It could have been disguised as a legitimate program, and you downloaded it without checking. This often happens when users download from unreliable sources, such as ads, torrents or websites that have pirated content. Ads are not good sources for downloads because you do not know where it’s hosted on and whether the program it offers you is actually legitimate and not malware. Torrent websites are full of malware, so if you do not pay attention to what you download, you could easily download something harmful. And websites that host pirated programs can also be full of malware. Keep in mind that before you download anything, you should do extensive research.

Similar programs sometimes spread via software bundling, so if you incorrectly install free programs, you could end up with unwanted programs. If you want to avoid that, you should opt to use Advanced (Custom) settings when installing freeware. Those settings will make all offers visible, and you will be able to deselect them. We recommend unchecking all offers.

What does GoogleFix.exe do

The malware primarily redirects you to questionable websites. It also seems to mainly affect the Google Chrome browser. The redirects usually happen when you try to access some kind of Google service. One redirect you might see in particular will display in the URL field and show a message about fixing Internet issues. Because this will happen when you try to use Google, the redirect is probably trying to trick you into thinking that something is wrong and if you want to access Google, you need to fix your internet issues. You are given a link to download the supposed fix tool, but it’s more than likely going to turn out to be malware.

Because you could be exposed to malware via advertisements, we suggest you avoid interacting with them until you uninstall GoogleFix.exe from your computer. Be particularly careful of ones that offer you to download programs or claim you need to install an update.

GoogleFix.exe removal

We would highly encourage you to use anti-malware software to delete GoogleFix.exe. Manually trying to remove GoogleFix.exe could result in a damaged system, or you might miss something and the malware could repair itself.


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