What is LimeRat?

LimeRat is a remote administration tool that can be  used by cyber crooks as ransomware, keylogger, cryptocurrency miner, or a computer worm. The infection is extremely serious as it can cause the user to lose his or her data, suffer financial losses and even hardware damage. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to eliminate LimeRat remote administration tool from the system as soon as you find out that your device has been infected. LimeRat remote administration tool

How does LimeRat work?

LimeRat is a tool that can be easily used by cyber crooks as it allows them to create personalized payloads. When it gets access to the target computer, it acquires data about the system, its geo-location, user details, and other important data. The malware presents hackers with a list of infiltrated computers and gives them the possibility to choose how they want to attack. The hacker can lock the target computer and encode all data files that are stored on it. If that happens, the user is no longer able to open the files that have the “.Lime” extension added to them and is then asked to make a payment in order to recover those files.

An alternative attack that can be made by cyber criminals is launching the keylogger. If that happens, all keystrokes that the user makes are recorded and thus sensitive information including logins and passwords to social networking and banking accounts is collected and sent to hackers. Needless to say, that could lead to financial losses or even identity theft.

Finally, LimeRat can also function as a miner to mine Bitcoin, Monero or other crypto-currency. When it is used in this manner, the parasite exploits computer resources. This means that the CPU usage is at a constant high, which usually results in sudden shutdowns, overheating, not to mention high electricity bills.

No matter what choice the hackers make, it is clear that LimeRat remote administration tool removal should be a top priority for any computer user.

How to remove LimeRat remote administration tool?

As it has been mentioned above, the parasite is a serious threat to your online safety as well as your device. The sooner you delete LimeRat remote administration tool, the better, and the only way to eliminate LimeRat remote administration tool effectively is by implementing a powerful malware removal tool. The anti-malware from our site can help you with that. It can perform a full system scan, detect all issues, and terminate LimeRat remote administration tool with other unwanted components. In addition to LimeRat remote administration tool removal, it can also help you keep your system protected from similar Internet-based infections you may encounter in the future.


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