What is the YouPorn Email Scam

YouPorn Email Scam is a new spam campaign that claims a sexually explicit video of you has been uploaded onto the pornography website YouPorn. The email is made to appear as if YouPorn sent it to you, and it offers to remove the video if you agree to pay a fee. If you have received this email, know that it is a scam. There is no sexually explicit video of you nor has it been uploaded to YouPorn. This is nothing more than another version of the sextortion scam, and you can safely ignore it.

YouPorn Email Scam

The email is purposely made to alarm the user so they panic and become more prone to falling for the scam. The email has an “Urgent: Uploaded content notification” subject line, which would immediately catch users’ attention. It then proceeds to explain that YouPorn’s AI-powered tools have detected that you are featured in sexually explicit content that was uploaded to YouPorn’s platform.

Our AI-powered tools have detected that you are featured in sexually explicit content that was uploaded to our platform.

At our company, we take the security and privacy of our users very seriously, and we use advanced technology to help detect and prevent the distribution of non-consensual intimate images and videos.

According to the email, you do not have to do anything if you have uploaded the video yourself or if it’s been done with your approval. However, if it has been uploaded without your consent, the email explains that you can pay to remove it and future uploads of you. Supposedly, this is a feature that YouPorn offers. The removal prices range from $199 to $1,399.

The basic express removal, blocking, and protection against re-uploading of content on our network of 20 websites costs $199 USD.

As a digital company, we take great pride in our integrity and measures, which is why we offer additional options for protecting against unauthorized content uploads 24/7.

We have all our processes automated, including payment processing, for your convenience.

Our Plan A includes everything in the basic removal option, plus digitally fingerprinting of the content and automated removal and protection against re-uploading to our vast network of partner websites (300+) for one year, all for $699 USD.

If you require the best protection available, we recommend our
Plan B, which includes everything in Plan A plus digital protection by MediaWise® and Safeguard based on facial recognition data for three years. This ensures that any content with your biometrics will be blocked, and it costs $1399 USD.

It goes without saying that this is nothing more than a sextortion scam email. There is no video, and you certainly do not need to pay anything. And the pornography website YouPorn has nothing to do with this YouPorn Email Scam either. You can just remove YouPorn Email Scam from your inbox if you receive it.

How to recognize scam emails

These types of email scams usually try to induce fear so that users become more prone to making irrational decisions. And claiming that there are sexually explicit videos of users is an effective way to create fear. However, while these emails may seem very alarming during distress, if you look at them with a clear mind, they are quite obviously fake.

The most obvious sign pointing to this email being fake is the fact that the sender was supposedly able to associate your image with your contact email address. Logically, even if YouPorn did use AI technology to identify you in one of the porn videos, how would the platform know who the person is and how to contact them. It would be quite unsettling if a porn website was actually able to do that without your permission.

The scam email mentions that the video in question would be uploaded after a 7-day grace period, which means you have no way to confirm whether it actually exists or not. Obviously, users would want to check immediately, which would immediately give the scam away. The fact that the email gives you no way to confirm the situation is another reason why it’s obviously a scam. If YouPorn were to somehow get in contact with you about a sexually explicit video, they would certainly provide proof.

It should also be mentioned that porn websites like YouPorn do not have paid plans where they keep a look out for your image in sexually explicit content. If someone uploads a video without the consent of all involved parties, the site is obligated to remove it free of charge. So they certainly do not charge $300 to remove a video.

Lastly, the YouPorn Email Scam explains that if you want the video to be removed, you need to transfer the money in Bitcoin to the provided wallet address. If you’re familiar with cryptocurrencies, you will know that transfers are anonymous. So if we were to believe that this email was actually sent by YouPorn and they did offer these removal services for a price, they would have no way of identifying that it was you who sent the payment. The email claims that the wallet address is unique to each user and would require no additional confirmation but that is simply not true.

YouPorn Email Scam removal

If you ever receive this email, you can remove YouPorn Email Scam from your inbox. If you have fallen for the scam and paid the requested sum, there is, unfortunately, no way to get your money back.


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